How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tactical Weapons Training

Jun 14th 2019

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tactical Weapons Training

"You reap what you sow" — an age-old saying that holds truth when compared to tactical training. The tactical courses in Gainesville, FL, provided by Six Maritime are created so that you are continually pushed to reach new potential. By applying yourself to courses that expose you to both new techniques and weapons, you are able to get the most out of training.

Vary Your Technique

At a tactical weapons course you can vary your weapon selection to provide exposure. Learning how a different weapon operates as well as its function furthers training. It's also a good idea to take on different shooting drills with different weapons to ensure you are accurate in all areas. By combining repeated practice with varying techniques, weapons and drills, your skillset will expand. Take part in one of our drills, such as Cartridge of The Sight or Single Hole, to vary your technique.

Change Scenarios

It's only natural to change training scenarios. If you’re a law enforcement officer or a member of the military, it's likely that you have experienced a range of very different scenarios in the field and/or in training. That's why shooting at a target or running the same drill after you've mastered the technique isn't helpful in regards to the expansion of your skillset. Active shooter training and firearm simulator courses provide weapon proficiency through different drills and scenarios. Becoming comfortable and confident in movements, rapid decision-making, and the ability to predict a threat are all possible through practicing varying scenarios. Not only will this boost your training, but also provide you with more experiences which lends for a well-rounded, adaptable soldier or officer.

Incorporate Different Courses

You may be seasoned in your tactical weaponry courses, but what's your mindset like? We recommend enrolling in a tactical mindset course, proficient weaponry use can be diminished if you can’t adapt and quickly think on your feet. The ability to allow your hands to function based on muscle memory is vital as this allows your brain to respond to stimuli and formulate upcoming movements. This is also true for anyone who has yet to partake in tactical weapons courses or vary their scenarios or drills. Exposure to as many scenarios and weapons as possible expands your repertoire. If you believe you’ve tried it all, we recommend that you take advantage of our Laser Shot System in the critical training laboratory; the simulator addresses any range of firearms training that are necessary for combat and combat support units.

Be Persistent

Training isn’t over when you've accomplished a course — not even when you've accomplished every course Six Maritime offers! For the sharpest set of skills and to maximize training efforts, it is pertinent to practice a variation of tactics regularly. Through routine tactical training of varying techniques, it is promising that you will remain proficient as well as retain the tactics you learn. To sign up for a tactical firearms training course, contact us today.

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