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Six Maritime is a technologically advanced maritime security company that serves clients with consummate professionalism. Using state of the art military and industry practices, our skilled, tested and proven professionals provide clients with tailor-made, cost effective solutions that ensure both safety and security in every environment.

Six Maritime has partnered with Elkins Marine Training Institute (EMTI) to provide professional security training.

Professional Security Services

A company aimed at providing thorough and efficient plans in order to secure safety in every environment.

Military, Law Enforcement & General Public Critical Training Laboratory Powered by Laser Shot Firearms Training Simulators

Experience our Mobile Marksman Training Simulator

Our state-of-the-art simulator uses Laser Shot Systems for Military and all Law Enforcement simulation technology, perfect for close-combat & domain battle in complex operational environments.

  • Standard Qualification Courses
  • Judgemental Training
  • Taser/Pepper Spray
  • Skills Drills
  • Run and Gun
  • Pro Shoot Challenge
  • Steel Challenge
  • Low Light - Flashlight
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Weapons Training Offers Skills You Can Use Everywhere

Weapons Training Offers Skills You Can Use Everywhere

Sep 05th 2018

4 Tips For First-Time Gun Owners

4 Tips For First-Time Gun Owners

Aug 14th 2018

Simulators Can Boost Weapon Proficiency

Simulators Can Boost Weapon Proficiency

Jul 11th 2018

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