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Six Maritime is a technologically advanced maritime security company that serves clients with consummate professionalism. Using state of the art military and industry practices, our skilled, tested and proven professionals provide clients with tailor-made, cost effective solutions that ensure both safety and security in every environment.

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A company aimed at providing thorough and efficient plans in order to secure safety in every environment.

We Proudly Present a "Logistically Simple, Technologically Advanced" Security Solution

Six Maritime continually scans the world over for the most critically enhancing and effective technologies with the best potential to bring our clients cutting edge results. Our company slogan “logistically simple, technologically advanced” embodies the type of services we provide: security technologies that are easily implemented and produce the greatest possible results. All too often otherwise brilliant technology is overwhelmingly sophisticated or is logistically cumbersome or complex to successfully implement. When our exhaustive reviews reveal a technology that is both state-of-the-art and poised for successful implementation by nearly any user – we immediately seek to form partnerships in order to bring these successful innovations to our clientele. Six Maritime is proud to bring you a security solution that will change the way you look at risk mitigation now and forever. CLEARSPEED.

Imagine virtually eliminating fraud, loss and internal threats to your organization. Imagine your entire organization (almost no matter how large it is) being effectively screened and evaluated for risk in a single day. Imagine if those results where more cost effective and results effective at flagging risk than engaging teams of investigators working around the clock, conducting background screenings, interviews and polygraph testing. Imagine if the only step required to integrate was a time commitment equal to that of a single 10-minute shift break to conduct per employee. Imagine no more, the capability is here.

Six Maritime brings you CLEARSPEED, a logistically simple technologically advanced solution that will improve your organization’s security hygiene to the highest level ever thought possible – and do so more efficiently and economically than ever possible before.

It is rare that something so simple and so easy to employ can be so effective, but with modern computing, more and more miracles are surfacing everyday. CLEARSPEED is proven to work through University scientific study and now thousands of real-world validations. Additionally, it has been rigorously tested in the most difficult environments with the highest stakes imaginable and has been proven effective by US government sponsored studies. Moreover, CLEARSPEED works in every language known to mankind. Learn more about the science and how CLEARSPEED partnered with Six Maritime can work for you.

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Imagine having a team of highly trained human security guards protecting your home or business 24/7 with the ability to stop crime before it occurs. Now imagine you can get that level of security at a price comparable to that of the currently popular security camera providers. Six Maritime’s partnership with Deep Sentinel makes this possible!  We optimize the use of an always on duty human workforce enabled with best in breed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology; the result is that you get real-time live guard coverage at an affordable price. Our state-of-the-art system uses advanced AI to alert our surveillance team of a possible threat. The assigned guard on duty instantly has a live feed the imagery that the AI sensed had the potential for harm. If the guard sees concerning imagery, he will isolate all cameras on your property and further evaluate the threat. Our guards are trained in human behavior pattern recognition techniques in order to accurately determine nefarious intent and not become intrusive or disruptive of your normal everyday life, family, and friends. When an actual threat exists, they can verbally engage using the integrated two-way intercom to mitigate the threat. They can trigger on-site alarm sirens, or call live guards to respond, or call 911 to have the police respond to that location. No more false alarms, no chance of missing an intruder while your out to dinner, or are on vacation floating in a pool, unplugged and away from your phone.  Everything is handled for you, and in the unlikely event an intruder persists with displayed criminal intent, a real live guard calls the police and takes charge of the police report for you.  To learn more about how our system and services work, click the icon below.

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Military, Law Enforcement & General Public Critical Training Laboratory Powered by Laser Shot Firearms Training Simulators

Experience our Mobile Marksman Training Simulator

Our state-of-the-art simulator uses Laser Shot Systems for Military and all Law Enforcement simulation technology, perfect for close-combat & domain battle in complex operational environments.

  • Standard Qualification Courses
  • Judgemental Training
  • Taser/Pepper Spray
  • Skills Drills
  • Run and Gun
  • Pro Shoot Challenge
  • Steel Challenge
  • Low Light - Flashlight
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