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Logistically Simple, Technologically Advanced

Six Maritime is a technologically advanced maritime security company that serves clients with consummate professionalism. Using state of the art military and industry practices, our skilled, tested and proven professionals provide clients with tailor-made, cost effective solutions that ensure both safety and security in every environment.

Six Maritime has partnered with Elkins Marine Training Institute (EMTI) to provide professional security training.

Professional Security Services

A company aimed at providing thorough and efficient plans in order to secure safety in every environment.

Deter Attackers...

The Threat of Piracy is Real

Avoid Violence

Early Detection Technology

Mitigate Risk

Assure Crew & Cargo Safety


Discover the best solution to protect both your crew and your vessel and how to be alert of future attacks.


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Distance Might Be The Key To Solo Training

Distance Might Be The Key To Solo Training

Dec 11th 2017

Hunter Education & Safety

Hunter Education & Safety

Nov 06th 2017

Six Maritime, Others Produce First Affordable USV

Six Maritime, Others Produce First Affordable USV

Oct 10th 2017

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