Cyber Intelligence

Today, many companies face the increasing dangers of being invaded via the Internet. In order to protect your business, avoid security breaches and earn the trust of your clients, customers and partners, you’ll need a professional cyber security team to defend your information from outside attacks. Six Maritime is a leader in cyber intelligence as we offer several solutions to protect your business and your data.


ZeroNetU Concealment, Anonymity, and Missatrib Platform (ZCAMP) provides you with privacy and anonymity. It uses multi-hop technology to conceal the source of the IP address. Each hop provides the a new IP and burns the old one. As it is securely transmitted to different servers throughout the United States, Europe and Japan, the layers of encryption increase making it more difficult to find the original source. If clients desire more security, consumer mixing is offered which allows your encrypted information to be lost within the internet.

Cyber Intelligence By Six Maritime


ZeroNetU Secure Desktop (ZSD) helps to protect individual desktop computers. Not only does it prevent viruses, but it also tracks usage. ZSD allows you to access different applications from the same point and observes habits. If any activity appears out of the ordinary, the client will be immediately identified. All data, files and emails are encrypted so if, by some small chance, information does get leaked, no one will be able to decipher it. With this service, your employees will also receive training on what material looks suspicious and how to help the company remain secure. This program is not only available for your desktop, but it is also capable of securing mobile devices.


ZCrypto equips you with the tools you need to encrypt your data. It has the capability to create custom encryptions to make it more difficult to hack. Along with proven strategies, we are able to use your preferred algorithms and private keys. No encryption sets will ever be the same even if they use the same data and have the same keys and algorithm. This makes your system much more difficult to decode because now hackers must have access to your company’s algorithms, private keys, public encryption algorithms as well as knowledge about the way these formed the Encryption Sequence Set. ZCrypto is available through Java and C# applications or in can be enabled over the web.

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