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3 Things To Think About Before Buying Your First Gun

3 Things To Think About Before Buying Your First Gun

Oct 26th 2022

3 Things To Think About Before Buying Your First Gun

Whether you’re interested in getting a gun for self-defense purposes, hunting, or other shooting sports, buying your first firearm is a major decision that requires considerable forethought. In addition to figuring out what style, caliber, and size of gun you’d like to pick, there are a few other things first-time gun buyers should know before committing to their purchase. Below, the experienced firearms operators with our maritime security company outline three things you should consider before buying your first gun.

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Educate Yourself On The Law

Before buying a gun, you should spend time familiarizing yourself with the relevant laws. Keep in mind guns aren’t only regulated at the federal level. There are also state, local, and city laws you should know before purchasing your first gun. If you have any doubts about your eligibility to own a firearm, check with your local law enforcement or consult an attorney. Ensuring you’re in compliance with all laws and regulations is especially important if you’re planning to purchase a firearm in a private transaction rather than from a reputable gun store.

Learn How To Store Guns Safely

Firearms are dangerous weapons, not toys, accessories, or decorations. As such, they should be treated with care and caution at all times — including when they aren’t being used. Knowing how to properly store your firearm is essential to being a responsible gun owner. Put thought into how and where you can safely store your gun before making your purchase. The following are a few ways that gun owners can safely and responsibly store their firearms in the home.

  • Gun Box
  • Gun Cabinet
  • Gun Vault
  • Safe
  • Vault Room

Finally, always keep the key used to lock your gun up somewhere children cannot find or reach.

Consider Taking A Firearms Course

Despite the fact there’s no requirement in most jurisdictions for firearm education — taking a firearms training course can be incredibly helpful in ensuring you know how to operate your firearm safely, effectively, and appropriately. Six Maritime offers tactical gun training courses for civilians hoping to achieve proficiency with their firearms. Our staff of former U.S. Special Operations personnel provides a low-stress environment for all shooters looking to improve their skills. It is our goal to train and mentor gun owners to the highest standard of firearm proficiency, regardless of their age, experience, or ability. Check out our tactical training schedule to learn more about our gun training courses.

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