Clearspeed and Six Maritime have teamed up to address the complex risk challenges facing our commercial and government clients worldwide. Through the power of voice technology, individual risk is identified to reduce fraud and build a trusted workforce.

Clearspeed and Six Maritime have teamed up

The Challenge

Organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to detect and screen individuals for risk both internally (employees or contractors) and externally (customers, partners or suppliers). Traditional screening methods often are ineffective and lead to spending time and resources on low-risk individuals instead of focusing on those who pose the most risk to the organization.

Clearspeed RRA Use Cases from Six Maritime


Pre-screen and prioritize job applicants

Incident Response

Assist with internal investigations


Meet government requirements; drug testing, security vetting, IP threats


Detect risk and insider threats among current applicants

Third Parties

Vet third parties, contractors and suppliers to ensure security


Identify IP and confidential information theft

The Solution

Six Maritime brings Clearspeed Remote Risk Assessment (RRA@), a voice platform powered by breakthrough AI-enabled technology that leverages cutting-edge and validated neuroscience, powerful algorithms, and large volumes of unique, real-world data. After a 10-minute phone interview of yes/no questions, low-risk individuals can be expedited through the process. For a high-risk alert, the individual may require additional follow up such as 1:1 interview, more detailed reference checks, or more extensive background check.

Identify Fraud

criminality, and national security risks better & faster.

Discover Blind Spots

in current risk identification processes.


the risk identification process & save time clearing the low-risk individuals

Reduce Spending

during the risk identification process.

Allocate Resources Efficiently

to evaluate further high-risk flags.

Build A Trusted Workforce

focused on a security first culture.

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Clearspeed and Six Maritime Combine Expertise

Clearspeed™ and Six Maritime work together to deliver the RRA® voice platform — from anywhere in the world, in any language, and without bias — to screen for individual risk at scale.

Design / Optimization Icon

Design / Optimization

Six Maritime will learn client’s processes and risk objectives to optimize the design of the RRA solution to achieve results and add maximum value.

Technical Experience Icon

Technical Experience

Six Maritime and Clearspeed will educate and inform the client and interested parties about the ability to ensure a common understanding of the technology.

Training / Communications Icon

Training / Communications

Six Maritime will create a communication plan for stakeholders outlining the goals, process, and impact, to assist the client in obtaining acceptance and managing change.

Question Development Icon

Question Development

Six Maritime and Clearspeed will work with clients to develop RRA questions related to specific risk areas.

Data Analytics and Evaluation Icon

Data Analytics and Evaluation

Six Maritime will analyze the RRA interview results and advise next steps for effective processing of low-to-high risk flags to make better informed, data-driven decisions.

Patented Voice Recording & Analysis Icon

Patented Voice Recording & Analysis

Six Maritime will implement the technology to conduct the interviews; Clearspeed will analyze the data, and report on results from the proprietary RRA algorithm.

Escalation / Business Implementation Icon

Escalation / Business Implementation

Six Maritime will continue to scale, modify and mplement the RRA platform to maximize value across the enterprise.

Clearspeed Technology Icon

Clearspeed Technology

Clearspeed will manage the backend technology, the client’s specific technical requirements and the technology infrastructure.

Our Trusted Partners & Affiliates

Six Maritime is proud to be partnered with companies, who together are supporting the pursuit of safety.