Risk Assessment & Analysis

Risk Assessment & Analysis by Six Maritime

Six Maritime develops comprehensive, legally compliant and cost effective risk assessment and risk mitigation measures.

We generally employ the basic 5-step process to our risk assessment and surveys. We begin by working with the client and assigned area of responsibility to understand the relevant context and operating environment. Then the internal and external threats/risks/hazards are identified. Next, we use a systematic approach to analyze the primary, secondary and tertiary contributing factors of the risks. Those risks are prioritized by impacts and finally we develop a range of mitigation measures to bring the risks to a tolerable level or avoid them altogether.

The services we offer include:

  • Surveys and Audits
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability and Gap Analysis
  • Geo-political Analysis
  • Risk/Threat Assessments

Our Trusted Partners & Affiliates

Six Maritime is proud to be partnered with companies, who together are supporting the pursuit of safety.