Paul A. Robinson

Paul A. Robinson

Paul A. Robinson, is one of the founders of the Company and currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer. Prior to founding Six Maritime, Mr. Robinson headed the Research and Development Acquisitions Department at Undersea Naval Special Warfare Group 3.

Other notable assignments held during Mr. Robinson’s extensive career as a Naval Special Warfare/SEAL operator include: Chief of Operations and Training Undersea and Maritime with 165 subordinate operators and SEAL Team Chief of Operations, coordinating six 16-man forward deployed teams.

A sample of his operational education includes: Special Warfare Sniper, Risk Management Coordinator, Risk Management Integration Leader, Certified Master Training Specialist, High Risk Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Long Range Maritime Navigation, Stinger Missile Operator, Marine Mammal Systems Operator, Tasked Based Curriculum Developer, Drop Zone Safety Officer, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training, BUD/S; numerous other training courses and positions held from his extensive experience as a Naval Special Warfare/SEAL operator for 25 years are available upon request.

Mr. Robinson holds an active top secret security clearance with the U.S. Government.

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