Krill Systems, Inc.

Krill Systems, Inc. designs products that provide the operators of commercial marine vessels with the necessary means for monitoring, recording and analyzing both fuel use and vessel operations. As a market leader, Krill Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support all while remaining aware of environmental issues surrounding the industry. All of its products come with full installation as well as after-sell support.

Krill Systems technology helps operations gain accountability through turn-key solutions that allow transparent reporting for companies that strive to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Krill Systems, Inc. provides the tools and information necessary to make a company’s system more efficient. Their technology allows information to be collected, recorded and transmitted to an onshore base through minimal internet usage. The variety of data reports available offer the ability to use the format that provides them with the most useful information. Reports are then used to determine factors such as fuel consumption, incident investigations, operating cost for a specific job, emissions compliance and preventative maintenance schedules.

Krill Systems, Inc.

With a customized turn-key solutions, each company can find the proper solution to make their businesses more efficient, and that includes finding the proper size for the fuel needs of each specific system. This will help to save you money because with proper sizing of fuel needs, your system will only use the amount of fuel that it actually require. In effect, the service will quickly pay for itself. Simultaneously, this will prevent potential harm to the environment.

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