Active Shooter Mitigation

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Aurora. Newtown.

These terrifying and tremendously sad events demonstrate that evil is alive and well in the United States. Unfortunately, no amount of government regulation can disarm or prevent a crazed gunman from carrying out his twisted aspirations.

Situational awareness and adequate preparation are the best defenses against these tragic episodes: the ability to recognize warning signs can prevent an incident, while standard operating procedures and clear thinking can allow leaders to regain control of a situation and save lives.

Six Tactical offers two Active Shooter Courses for school administrators, business leaders and law enforcement personnel. These are the only courses of their kind available in North Florida.

Active Shooter Level I is an interactive classroom-based curriculum. The course material is based on domestic and international case studies and is delivered by our law enforcement, human behavior and counterterrorism experts. The three-day lecture series will uncover shooter motivations; indicators of an attack; common tactics; physiological and physiological responses during an event; and effective countermeasures to minimize the loss of life.

Active Shooter Level II is a one-day practical application exercise based on the material delivered in the Level I course. The practical application portion allows leaders and law enforcement professionals to react to simulated incidents, manage unknown or conflicting information, and implement active shooter procedures.

Level II instruction also offers a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) program of instruction that introduces life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care in a hostile environment. Our seasoned military and medical practitioners incorporate pre-hospital medicine and battlefield experience to deliver the critical life-saving skills that every leader, administrator and security professional should know.

Both the Level I and Level II Active Shooter Courses are tailored to particular demands of school administrators, business managers and first responders.

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