Executive Protection Global

Six Maritime is a leading provider in executive protection. Whether you are a CEO traveling to the west coast of Africa to conduct business or an executive seeking protection on vacation in the United States, Six Maritime is capable of providing custom packages to fit your needs. Our protection professionals communicate well with executives, detect threats before they materialize, and respond accordingly with optimum efficiency. With many years of military and law enforcement experience, you can be confident that our protection professionals will meet and exceed your expectations. 

For small groups or a single individual and short contracts lasting up to 30 days, Six Maritime handlers ensure protected coverage throughout the entirety of the contract. Handlers secure all pick-up and destination locations as well as verifying all drivers match the security manifest. Handlers also pre-plan all safe checkpoints and emergency egress routes throughout the duration of any travel, and if necessary, provide immediate threat neutralization.

Executive Protection Global

For large groups of multiple individuals and extended contracts, Six Maritime offers additional handlers paired with controllers. Controllers coordinate with executives and handlers to provide the most efficient and protective security possible while utilizing a plan with all handlers to include personnel monitoring and tracking. Controllers are also responsible for constructing emergency response plans, providing routine security briefs and communications, as well as enforcing security vigilance.

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