Mission Statement

The Company

Six Maritime is a logistically simple, technologically advanced maritime security company that serves clients with consummate professionalism. Using state of the art military and industry practices, our skilled, tested and proven professionals provide clients with tailor-made, cost effective solutions that ensure both safety and security in every environment.

The Name

The number six, when paired with the imbedded Greek Sigma, symbolizes a results-based measure of excellence, “SIX SIGMA.” The grey line with the superimposed American flag, which underscores our company name, pays homage to the country we are so proud of and stands as a reminder to our clients that they are backed by the ultimate guarantee.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide professional maritime security services that exceed best industry practices and leave every client desiring to maintain a long-term relationship with us.

The People

The founders of Six Maritime forged their leadership and business acumen on the biggest stages at the highest stakes; their operational expertise established while serving in the elite ranks of the United States Navy SEAL Teams. Biographies of the Managing Board

Six Maritime’s Board of Advisors has nearly 100 years experience in the security and maritime sectors of the United States government. A more distinguished, wise and educated Advisory Board cannot be found anywhere in the maritime security industry. Biographies of the Advisory Board


To become the first choice in maritime security.


  • Never compromise on the quality and safety of our superior services
  • Protect and serve our clients with dedication and discernment
  • Foster a company atmosphere that promotes team camaraderie, loyalty, and dedication to craft
  • Help bring about a more secure and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the greater law-abiding international community

Our Trusted Partners & Affiliates

Six Maritime is proud to be partnered with companies, who together are supporting the pursuit of safety.