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Where does Six Tactical conduct training?

The primary training location for pistol and carbine courses is the Lowell Correctional Facility Ranges at 11120 NW Gainesville Rd in Ocala, FL (a quarter mile south of the Fire College). Alternate locations include Bradford Sportsmen's Farm at 11394 SW 106th Ave in Graham, FL and Harry Beckwith at 12120 (US-441) in Micanopy, FL. Upon registration, we will confirm course location.

Long Range Precision Fire and Scout Sniper Skills Courses are conducted at various venues in Alachua, Bradford, Colombia and Marion counties. Again, shooters will be notified of the location for the Long Range Precision Fire and Scout Sniper Skills Courses upon registration. Our non-firearms training is typically conducted at our Gainesville headquarters or Harry Beckwith indoor pistol range in Micanopy.

What can I expect when I arrive for training?

We encourage students to arrive 30 minutes prior to training in order to manage administrative issues such as weapons, equipment and ammo allocation. Most of the firearms courses begin with a 60 minute classroom lecture and are followed by a full morning of range time. Plan for a one hour break for lunch and a full day on the square bay!

How long is the typical training day?

Training typically commences at 8:00 am and we secure at 5:00 pm – unless otherwise stated. We typically break between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm for lunch. You may pack a lunch or visit the nearby fast-food establishments.

Do I have to bring ammunition or can I buy it when I arrive?

Ammunition is not included in the price of the course and we always encourage you to bring your own ammunition. Bulk range ammo can be purchased from local retailers such as Harry Beckwith and Pickett Weaponry for cheap! The required ammo allotment per day (typically 200-300 rounds) is posted in the curriculum (or course content under the training schedule tab) for each course. However, you may purchase your daily allotments of ammunition from Six Tactical when you arrive at the range. (Just give us a heads-up!)

Do I need to bring my own pistol, carbine or long gun for training?

We encourage you to bring your personal firearm. However, if you do not own one, firearms are available for use for all programs of instruction. We have a limited number of Glock 19s, Windham AR-15s and Remington 700s allocated for your use during the courses. Again, if you need to use a Six Tactical weapon, please let us know.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Along with your welcome-aboard packet, we will provide a gear list prior to your first day of training. Required gear for the tactical firearms courses typically includes daily ammo allocation (posted in the course curriculum section under the training schedule tab), 3 x magazines, 2 x magazine pouches, outside-the-waistband holster (for Tactical Pistol Courses), sturdy belt, eye protection, hearing protection, snacks and a water source. If you cannot procure some of these items before training, we may have some available for use.

For the Patrol Rifle (Carbine) Instructor Course, officers will need the following:

What should I wear to the range?

Wear your Saturday best. No cut-off t-shirts, no shorts and no open-toe shoes, please.

I have ZERO experience with firearms. Is that okay?

Shooters should be familiar and comfortable with the functions of their firearm. However, our courses utilize a progressive method of instruction designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced shooters.

Can I use a revolver for the Tactical Pistol or Dynamic Handgun Course?

We don't have a "no-revolver" or a "semi-automatic only" policy. However, we STRONGLY recommend shooters employ a semi-automatic pistol for the duration of the Tactical Pistol and Dynamic Handgun Courses. The curriculum goes beyond stationary marksmanship and includes plenty of multiple shot and multiple target engagement drills. Employing a revolver is feasible, but "wheel-gun" shooters will spend an inordinate amount of time conducting speed reloads - which can be frustrating and diminish training value. Bottom line is semi-automatic handguns provide a tactical advantage by putting more rounds on target.

Can I use a sub-compact or "pocket pistol" for the handgun courses?

Like a revolver, the magazine capacity of a "pocket pistol" will diminish training value. The curriculum goes beyond stationary marksmanship and includes a plenty of multiple shot and multiple target engagement drills. This means A LOT of time spent filling magazines and conducting speed reloads. For those that carry a small sub-compact pistol (e.g. smaller than a Glock 26), we understand the value of training with your concealed carry platform. However, many of the weapons manipulation drills are easier to practice and master on a larger weapon (compact or larger). If you have a choice between bringing a sub-compact or a larger pistol, we recommend training on the larger platform.

Do I have to undergo a background check in order to train?

Yes. You will be asked to provide us with your name, SSN and date of birth prior to the course of instruction. By law, Six Tactical is required to run background checks on all persons who desire to train. We are not permitted to train convicted felons or persons with outstanding warrants.

Are teens allowed to conduct firearms training?

Shooters 18 years or older are welcome to train. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate shooters under 18 for live fire evolutions. Children 13 and older are welcome to attend our NON-FIREARMS training, such as ghille construction/stalking, Unarmed Defense and Six Vigilance.

Does Six Tactical do “road shows”, private or “off-site” training?

YES! We have “white space” built into our schedule to accommodate mobile training team requests. Call or email us to schedule or discuss your specific training needs.

Does Six Tactical teach a concealed carry course?

YES! Upon completion of Tactical Pistol 2, shooters will meet Florida's instruction requirements for conceal carry. Shooters will be signed off by our Range Master. Additionally, we cover concealed carry techniques extensively during Tactical Pistol Level 3.

We do not, however, offer a stand-alone concealed carry course. (However, our partner, Harry Beckwith Gun Dealer & Indoor Range does.)

The decision to carry concealed is a weighty responsibility; the safe and effective employment of a concealed firearm in a high-stress situation requires a mastery of the basics.

The decision to carry concealed requires a personal assessment: "Am I tactically and technically efficient enough to carry a firearm?" and "If I had to, could I use lethal force to defend myself, my family or others around me?" If the answer is "no" to either one of these questions, you should not carry concealed. If the answer is "yes", then understanding state law, acquiring adequate firearm skills & training, and maintaining proficiency are critical!

Some gun dealers and clubs offer a one-day concealed carry course. One afternoon at the range is typically NOT enough to achieve adequate tactical & technical proficiency, nor will it result in mastery of the fundamentals required to safely and effectively employ a concealed handgun. Tactical Pistol 1 and 2 and the concealed carry curriculum included in Tactical Pistol 3 WILL prepare you for a concealed carry lifestyle.

What happens if there is a storm or rain?

We recommend all shooters show to the range, rain or shine. If the inclement weather continues throughout the day, the course will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

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