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Oct 28th 2016


Due to recent events happening around world, more and more individuals have been purchasing guns in order to protect themselves, their loved ones and civilians around them. Owning a gun brings forth a lot of responsibility for safety and proper training. With a simple search on the internet, you can find plenty of options for training. However, you do not want to waste your time or money on instructors who are not equipped to teach them correctly. So, how can you tell which of the gun safety trainers in Gainesville, FL you can trust? Here are some helpful tips on what to look for.

It is vital to determine where your instructor received his knowledge. Do not be swayed by a statement that he or she had military experience because this is not enough. Instead, look for titles with the word “combat” or “special” in their training description. Without these labels, your instructor may not be able to provide you with adequate firearm tactics. Individuals who are truly invested in becoming experts should always look for opportunities to learn and improve their technique. Ask your teacher which schools they have gone too recently. If they are unable to provide you with any, this should be a warning sign and if they do, quickly search for them on the internet to see the quality of school they attended.

There are plenty of certifications available to guarantee you are receiving directions from a legitimate instructor. Before you sign up for a class, ask them about their certification level. Reliable credentials include:

  • NRA Instructor Certification
  • State of Florida International Association of Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors (“K” License)
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • United States Department of State

The whole purpose of taking firearms training classes in Florida is to learn how to safely and effectively use a gun. Therefore, you want your course to highlight safety. Look at the itinerary for the class to see if there is a section that focuses on how to safely handle a gun and protect yourself and those around you. If the company jokes about safety procedures or does not instruct you about how to handle real life scenarios, then you should look elsewhere.

Just because someone is an expert shooter, does not mean they are able to teach others how to shoot. Look at customer reviews to determine how well they can communicate instructions. It will not be helpful if they merely stand off to the side and yell orders at you. They must be able to effectively explain various methods and the importance behind them. If they are impatient or unwilling to clarify something, you will not be able to learn as well.

You will want to find an environment that is conducive for learning. Is your trainer only willing to spew information without listening to you? Each person is different and will have different needs. Therefore, you will want a teacher who will listen to you and accommodate training to your specific needs and preferences.

Florida tactical training courses have the potential to help you learn how to safely and proficiently handle a firearm but you must find an adequate trainer. At Six Tactical/ Six Maritime, you will be taught by the best. Our trainers are former U.S. Special Operations members who have experienced many real world scenarios and can effectively transfer knowledge to you. During your training, we emphasize safety, mastering the basics and how to become an excellent marksman. In our tactical courses, we will provide you with situations that mimic the real world with scenarios that have low-light, stressful and require you to be in motion. Contact us today to schedule training today.

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