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5 Shooting Tips For Beginners

5 Shooting Tips For Beginners

Jan 28th 2020

5 Shooting Tips For Beginners

Far from the dangerous hobby it’s often touted as, gun training is a practical skill that allows individuals the chance to sharpen their motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination — not to mention the ability to defend themselves. Nevertheless, any firearm training program must emphasize the importance of patience, caution, and discipline when shooting. To set beginner trainers on the right path to gun mastery, here are five shooting tips, courtesy of our maritime training experts in Gainesville, FL, at Six Maritime. Contact us today to enroll in our tactical training courses.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is not uncommon to hear about an amateur gun enthusiast giving up gun training after only a couple of weeks. Much like with any other mechanical skill, shooting requires consistency, in practice and mindset. Those looking for quick results are at a disadvantage. The good news is that there is no such thing as people who aren’t cut out for shooting. Anyone can be a great shooter with enough practice and professional instruction — so be patient and practice all you can in a safe environment. 

Avoid Emotional Burnout

With that being said, do not rush through firearms training. Shooting more than 300 cartridges per session could lead to burnout. Any task, when repeated enough times, back-to-back, could make one feel fatigued — shooting is no different. Without enough time in between sessions, gun firing becomes repetitive, tedious, and outright boring. To maximize results and avoid emotional burnout, schedule around 6–8 sessions per month, using 200–300 cartridges at most per session.

Use The Right Equipment

Choosing a gun that fits the shape of your body, your strength, and your preferences is key to firearms training. Make sure to try several different types of firearms to find the best fit for you and listen attentively to your instructor’s recommendations. Additionally, find gun reviews online from experienced shooters — they may provide you with some valuable insight. Don’t forget to always wear proper eye and ear protection and double-check your holster periodically for signs of wear and tear — a clean gun makes all the difference. 

Always Think Of Your Weapon As Loaded

Handling any firearm should be approached with the utmost care. As a general rule of thumb, never point your gun to anything other than a target — even when unloaded. Do not place your finger on the trigger unless you’re about to fire, and never look down the barrel of your gun. More often than not, accidental shots are the result of overconfidence on behalf of the gun bearer. Stay on the safe side and practice caution. Be fully aware of your target and what might be behind it.

Choose A Shooting Range Wisely

While mistakes are likely to happen when starting gun training, having a professional motivate and guide you through the beginning stages can make a world of difference. Besides enlisting the help of dependable instructors, make sure the facilities in which you practice are safe. For instance, double-check that the building has proper ventilation to avoid any lead or chemical poisoning. Additionally, consider enrolling in a tactical mindset course to sharpen your quick decision-making and conflict resolution approach. Contact us today to learn more about all the Gainesville tactical courses we offer or if you have questions about our facility.

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