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6 Tips For Cleaning Your Gun

6 Tips For Cleaning Your Gun

Nov 04th 2019

6 Tips For Cleaning Your Gun

Guns are a crucial tool for protecting yourself and your loved ones. If kept in pristine condition, firearms can be passed down over generations. Trained gun owners know the importance of maintaining a clean and safe gun for recreational enjoyment or for self-defense. Firearms are complex mechanical devices that require careful and constant cleaning. Our team specializes in tactical training to ensure safe gun handling and shooting. Consider these tips from Six Maritime about the proper way to clean your favorite firearm. To learn more about gun safety or our maritime security company in Gainesville, FL, contact Six Maritime today!

Unload & Disassemble

Ask any gun owner and they’ll tell you the most important rule of firearms safety is to make sure the firearm is unloaded prior to cleaning. Before taking any of the next steps to clean your gun, triple-check that it’s unloaded and remove all the clips and magazines. Consult your weapon’s specific owner’s manual to read over particular disassembly instructions when you’re ready to begin the cleaning process. Disassemble your gun only if you feel comfortable doing os yourself — otherwise, contact our maritime security company for assistance.

Clean The Barrel 

Before grabbing an oily patch to wipe down the barrel, it’s crucial to clean the bore — another name for the gun barrel — with a specialized cleaning rod made from aluminum or brass. Start at the chamber and work in the direction bullets travel through the gun. Pull-through bore cleaners are ideal when you’re in the field, but for a thorough clean at home, a rod is the best option. Use a nylon brush to break up debris and then use the bore rod to clean the barrel. If copper residue is present, use a copper-specific product, such as Hoppe’s Elite Copper Terminator to remove the residue from the firearm.

Spray & Clean The Action 

After cleaning and wiping down the barrel, it’s time to scrub down the action — the part of the gun responsible for ammunition or the method by which the gun actually works. There are gun cleaner sprays available specifically for use on the actions, such as Hoppe’s Gun Medic Action Cleaner or Birchwood Casey’s Gun Scrubber. Spray down and carefully clean the action, making sure to get the bolt and trigger as well. For those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, a small paintbrush and a can of compressed air will do the trick. 

Discard Excess Oil & Rust

The second most important step after making sure the gun is unloaded is removing any excess oil from the barrel and action. Excess gunk can accumulate over time and impact the gun’s overall effectiveness. After wiping off the extra oil, lightly re-oil the firearm with a gun lubricant. Pour the lubricant on a rag before wiping the gun — never put oil directly on the firearm. For guns with wooden barrels, it’s especially important to use only a small amount since oil can seep into the wood and soften it.

Inspect The Screws

Carefully examine any external screws on the gun, such as a scope mount, sling-swivel studs, and screws that secure side plates or grip panels on handguns. Ensure that every piece is secured tight and rust-free. If you see rust or dirt, remove the scope base or other parts and clean underneath them. For rust, lightly scrub with a piece of #0000 super-fine steel wool and a tiny amount of oil.

Reassemble & Wipe Down

After each part of the gun is thoroughly cleaned and wiped down, it’s time to reassemble your firearm. Consult the owner’s manual for instructions on how to put everything back in the proper place. Once it’s all put back together, wipe down the firearm one final time to get rid of fingerprint residue, but only use a small amount of gun oil on the rag. Close the action and safely drop the firing pin to release any tension in the firearm before storing it. 

At Six Maritime, we take pride in our top-of-the-line tactical weapons courses and our efforts to educate clients about gun safety and proper gun techniques. Our team is dedicated to providing resources that help clients feel safe and secure no matter the environment. Get in touch with us today to sign up for one of our courses!

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