Weapons Simulator to Begin in April

Mar 14th 2018

Weapons Simulator to Begin in April

In keeping with its company slogan “logistically simple technologically advanced”, Six Maritime is launching it’s Critical Training Laboratory this April in San Diego California using the latest simulator technology produced by Laser Shot Simulations. This laboratory will serve to provide advanced judgemental skills as well as sustainment and marksmanship qualifications training for the military, law enforcement and the public. The virtual environment allows the user to change training scenarios seamlessly through various software programs. Additionally, each weapons system weighs, looks and functions exactly like the real thing -including simulated recoil and magazine changes. Our simulated environment offers students the ability to learn critical marksmanship skills without the hazards and logistical rigors associated with live fire ranges. Unlike live fire ranges which require high student to instructor ratios, emergency support considerations and have strict limitations on the kind of training that can be conducted, the Critical Training Laboratory allows the user to skip all the logistical headaches and get straight to training from the most basic activity, such as zeroing a weapon, to full scale multiple contact combat scenarios. Six Maritime is “Leading the next generation of security.”

Weapons Simulator

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