Jul 29th 2014


ENODO and Six Maritime unite to bring more well-rounded knowledge to security solutions

This week, Six Maritime announced ENODO Global as the maritime security company’s new strategic partner for intelligence services.

ENODO Global is a private intelligence firm made up of seasoned analysts, cultural experts and military professionals headquartered in Alexandria, VA. They use a population-centric methodology known as “community-based” risk analysis that is designed to provide public and private sector clients with key insights and forecasts on complex social problems and regional conflict. ENODO Global’s products and services seek to augment traditional corporate social responsibility, security and public relations activities and arm clients with strategies to mitigate threats in high-risk environments.

“The Six Maritime – ENODO Global team is the only one like it in the maritime security industry,” explained Bryan Abell, Six Maritime’s Director of Operations for West Africa. “The capability will afford us an intelligence and academic credibility that is otherwise absent in the industry. A complete understanding of the operating environment will allow us to provide more effective security solutions and to better protect our clients and secure their assets. This will be critical in regions like Nigeria where we are presented with a host of security challenges and diverse operational requirements.”

ENODO Global delivers a range of products that accurately assess and mitigate threats to business operations: Quick Look and Outlook Reporting are succinct products that identify population-centric challenges and examine the social tensions that drive regional unrest; Situation Reports is a comprehensive product that provides periodic updates of actively monitored activities from social media, news outlets and human networks. These services monitor activities near real-time and can be produced daily.

Also included in ENODO Global’s strategic intelligence services are tailored engagement strategies to support development and public relations programs.

The partnership establishes a two-way street between operations and intelligence that presents a win-win for clients. Aside from the analytic offerings, ENODO Global’s human and open source intelligence offerings will fine-tune Six Maritime’s operations and complement the maritime security company’s real-time imagery intelligence capability.

“What we’ve built is a versatile and rapidly deployable team capable of analyzing and mitigating threats to clients virtually anywhere in the world,” said Paul Robinson, Six Maritime’s Chief Operations Officer. “We share the same end goal,” Robinson added, “to minimize the vulnerability of people, resources and business in high-stakes regions.”

As the world’s littoral and offshore environments grow more precarious and unpredictable, the aggregate of Six Maritime – ENODO Global expertise offers an unrivaled set of competencies and a new precedent for elite maritime security.

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