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Six Maritime, Others Produce First Affordable USV

Six Maritime, Others Produce First Affordable USV

Oct 10th 2017

Six Maritime, Others Produce First Affordable USV

A multi-year collaboration between Six Maritime and Prowler Marine resulted in an affordable unmanned surface vehicle (USV). A USV is remote controlled and operated from land or another vessel a safe distance away. Pairing geospatial technology with international port security needs, Six Maritime COO Paul Robinson and others researched how technology could provide security in a safe, efficient, and affordable way.

"We at Six Maritime continually focus on new ways to transition emerging technologies for commercial use in our service offerings," Robinson said in an announcement via SUAS News. “Unmanned technologies have and will continue to shape our futures and we, through our collaborative efforts, have positioned ourselves as industry leaders when it comes to applying these technologies to security.”

The program began more than a decade ago when Prowler Marine COO/Founder John Watts began to develop problem-solving strategies with private and military executives. Robinson and Watts shared information about industry needs and leveraged relationships during development. Regarded as an expert on the subject, Robinson’s understanding of the security business only bolstered the collaboration.

“As soon as we all got together to discuss this opportunity, I instantly saw the benefit of our program on an international scale,” Prowler Marine Founder Garrett Moeller said. “Research into international port security regulations showed us where our technology can meet regulatory controls, save port facility security management money, and reduce risk to human lives. Whenever business collaboration and knowhow produce a win-win-win scenario, that is something worth pursuing.”


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