Apr 11th 2017


Prevent Accidental Shootings with Gainesville Firearms Training

Every year, hundreds of incidents regarding guns occur that either result in severe injuries or death. Guns can be dangerous if not properly handled and stored, not just to you but to everyone around you. Often times it is children, who unkowningly or out of curiosity find and pick up a firearm that happens to be loaded. The result can be devastating. A loaded gun left unattended can easily injure or kill a child, or someone else for that matter, who picks it up unaware of what it is or that it is loaded. When it comes to guns, there seldom are second chances and safety precautions should always be taken. At Six Maritime, we can provide you with a gun training class in Gainesville, FL.

Recent Child-Related Shootings

Earlier this year, two four-year-old children in Hillsborough County both found the guns kept in their home. Left unattended, unsafely stored and loaded, the children whom accidentally pulled the trigger, shot themselves. One of the boys survived, while the other did not. The incidents were separate, occurring just four days apart, but the reasoning behind them were the same: improper and unsafe gun storage. This type of incident seems to happen all too often and can very easily be avoided.

It is reckless to leave a firearm somewhere where a child can reach it and even more for it to be left loaded. If you choose to be a gun owner, especially if you keep your firearm in your home with young children around, it is your duty to be a responsible gun owner and practice safe gun handling and storing. At Six Maritime, we advocate safe gun use and provide a gun safety course to the Gainesville area.

Tips for Gun Safety at Home

  • Firearms should always be unloaded when not in use.
  • Always treat a gun as if it is loaded. Even if you just unloaded your gun or stored it unloaded, you should always keep your finger off the trigger and keep the firearm’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always unload, clean and properly store your firearm immediately after returning from using it. This will create good habit and ensure that no one can get to your firearm or injure themselves due to taking too long to put it away.
  • Educate family, especially children, about gun safety. However, you should never rely on this alone and should consistently practice safe storage.
  • Always put your firearm’s safety on when storing but do not rely on it solely.
  • Use a gun lock when your firearm is not in use. A gun lock is designed to render the gun inoperable but should be used in addition to safe storage, not as a substitute.
  • Store ammunition in a separate, locked location from your firearms.
  • Always store your firearms in a locked safe, gun vault or storage case when not in use. The area should be inaccessible and out of sight to children.

There are many storage solutions out there for gun owners ranging from gun cases to gun vaults. Depending on your needs and budget some options might suit you better than others but there are plenty of options in every price range and with different quick access designs. Safe storage will not only keep you and your family safe, but it will also protect your firearms from damage and even theft.

Weapons Training Courses in Gainesville, FL

Owning a firearm comes with responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is to ensure your protection and that of the people around you by practicing proper safety techniques. Accidental child shootings are a tragedy, but they can easily be avoided and prevented by taking the right measures. At Six Maritime, we provide handgun courses in Gainesville, FL, for safe firearm handling and storage. Contact us today for more information.

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