Improve Shooting Skills By Varying Your Firearms Training

Apr 15th 2019

Improve Shooting Skills By Varying Your Firearms Training

Practice, practice and more practice, as any gun owner knows, is the key to getting better as a shooter. But how much you improve depends on how you train. If you use the same weapon or venue over and over, you could be limiting yourself. Incorporating variety into your firearms training, as Six Maritime explains, pays dividends for your all-around skills development and accuracy.

Shoot In Different Environments

The more unique experiences you have with firearms, the better you become at everything from handling weapons to firing them. Controlled environments work for weapons training: you can shoot targets at a local range, participate in tactical training courses, or even do dry-firing drills in your home (but always check that the gun is unloaded). If you prefer a more untamed environment, options include hunting grounds (so long as you possess a valid hunter’s license) and setting up your own targets in the wild (but make sure the land isn’t private and you’re authorized to be there).

Practice With Multiple Weapons

Many gun owners have several weapons (3 percent of Americans own 50 percent of firearms in the country). If you’re a multi-gun owner, it’s to your benefit to swap out weapons when you go shooting. Whether a pistol, carbine, or long-range rifle — firing different types of guns helps you build well-rounded skills. But even if you possess only two or more versions of the same firearm, it’s still beneficial to interchange them. Different models or calibers of pistols, for example, have unique hand-feels, weights, trigger pressures, plus other variations that affect aim. The more weapons you practice with, the better your fundamentals will become. And with enough practice, it won’t matter which firearm you pick up; you’ll be able to hit the bullseye nearly every time.

Enroll In Tactical Training Courses

The writer Malcolm Gladwell made famous the 10,000-Hour Rule, which claims that it takes a person 10,000 hours to become successful at an activity. While a few hours at the range or your favorite hunting spot every week puts you closer to that goal, you can accelerate your skills development by enrolling in tactical weapons training courses.

At Six Maritime, our instructors teach several tactical courses with pistols, carbine rifles, and long-range precision firearms. They not only impart to shooters the fundamentals but also allow participants to apply these skills in specially designed environments that, ultimately, instill more knowledge than if a person were to go shooting alone. After completing several courses with different weapons, you’ll see tangible results every time you pick up and fire a gun in the future.

Tactical weapons training incorporates all the skills needed to become a better shooter, including fundamentals, use of multiple firearms, and situational awareness for different environments. To schedule a tactical weapons training course in Gainesville, contact Six Maritime.

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