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How To Decide Which Firearms Trainer Is Right For You

How To Decide Which Firearms Trainer Is Right For You

Nov 25th 2020

How To Decide Which Firearms Trainer Is Right For You

Just because someone has been trained to use a gun does not mean that they are qualified to teach others. In fact, Florida has limited regulations on who can call themselves a trainer and go into business to provide tactical training. Knowing what to look for in a trainer can help you avoid an unsuccessful relationship with a trainer and potentially develop bad habits that will be much harder to train away later. 

When deciding on the right trainer, it’s important to do your homework and ask questions. The trainers at Six Maritime are happy to discuss our tactical training courses and styles with you. Contact us today for more information.

Check Their Qualifications

As we mentioned, being a trainer does not necessarily equate to having the proper qualifications. Anyone can receive a civilian NRA Pistol instructor certificate and teach concealed carry courses, for example. But good form and teaching preparedness come with years of experience. When considering a trainer, dig a little deeper to see what certifications a trainer has and what their background is. While they may be coming from the army or police force, this doesn’t automatically make them trainer material. Six Maritime ensures that all of our trainers are of the highest caliber and are fully vetted for their experience and qualifications.

Consider Their Training Style

Being trained by a person who was in the armed services can be a great experience. However, army training is very different from the types of scenarios that you might come across in a shootout. An example of this is training while fully geared. While this can be beneficial, depending on your purposes for training, you’ll most likely be wearing civilian clothes in the event of an active shooter scenario. Our tactical weapon courses provide an array of weapons and scenarios to train in, and we even offer tactical mindset training so you can sharpen your mind as well as your reflexes. 

Pay Attention To Class Size

A trainer shouldn’t overbook or take on too many students. This can compromise the quality of their training because students won’t be allowed access to the one-on-one feedback that is so vital for proper firearms training. While a trainer shouldn’t be penalized for being popular, class size matters when you’re trying to form habits that could save you in a life or death situation. If you’re trying to replicate instruction only by sight with no physical correction from the instructor, you can develop bad habits that will be harder to break later.

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