Five Ways To Improve Rifle Accuracy In Gainesville, FL

May 14th 2018

Five Ways To Improve Rifle Accuracy In Gainesville, FL

Being able to shoot small groups is a skill that takes some people years of gun training in Gainesville. Even after they’ve achieved it, it’s not uncommon for accuracy to lessen over time. If your shooting skills are rusty, these tips from Six Maritime can help you improve rifle accuracy.

1. Check Your Scope Mount

The scope mount is one of the first things to check when you begin experiencing accuracy issues, especially if you have not given it second thought since you installed it however long ago. Begin with quality bases and rings. Then, level the rifle in a vise before leveling the scope. Don’t secure the scope until this is done. Using a torque wrench instead of your hands to tighten the screws according to the manufacturer’s specifications can help the scope remain secured in place longer.

2. Focus On Shoulder Pressure

The more pressure a shooter applies with one shot, the harder it will be to consistently repeat the movement with the same result. Focus on applying uniform pressure to your shoulder with the rifle stock during each shot. This may require waiting a few more seconds between shots. Over time, you’ll discover what amount of pressure works best for you and hopefully increase accuracy.

3. Concentrate On Trigger Pull

“Pulling the trigger” is a misnomer, as the proper action is rather a pressing motion. The rifle’s trigger should move directly to the rear without distorting the sight picture. If you’re pulling more than pressing, concentrate on correcting this movement with live rounds and/or dry-fire practice. Trigger action is one of the aspects covered in the gun safety courses offered by Six Maritime. It's an area that all shooters, regardless of skill level and experience, find themselves working on from time to time.

4. Follow-Through On Each Shot

Even during training, no shot ends when the bullet leaves the barrel of the rifle. The shot ends upon impact with the target. Yet, it’s a common habit for shooters to not focus on impact during their Gainesville firearm training. One way to enhance your focus and accuracy is training with a smaller target. It’ll require more concentration and proper follow-through to maintain your accuracy.

5. Use The Correct Ammo For Your Rifle

You may need to go through several loads and bullets to determine which type of ammunition performs best in a factory rifle. Keep in mind that reloading techniques affect accuracy. The goal of rifle training is to learn to clone the shot each time, from loading the ammunition to finishing with target impact.

Gun Training In Gainesville, FL

If you’re still unable to reach your desired level of rifle accuracy, consider taking a course for gun training in Gainesville. Six Maritime offers several courses — including gun safety and best practices — tailored for shooters of different skill levels. To learn more, contact Six Maritime today!

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