Critical Training Laboratory News Video

Apr 13th 2018

Critical Training Laboratory News Video

Critical Training Laboratory Showcased in News Video

A San-Diego-area news station has produced a video report showcasing Six Maritime’s state-of-the-art critical training laboratory, a training simulator that uses laser shot systems. The news report highlights how the training simulator is capable of helping law enforcement officers attain the levels of tactical knowledge necessary to respond to active-shooter events and other life-or-death scenarios. The use of lasers instead of live ammunition is another highlight of the critical training laboratory, as lasers dramatically lower the physical risks for officers during training exercises. Another notable advantage of using computer-simulated situations in the trainings is there is a broader range of scenarios that law enforcement are able to prepare for. In fact, Six Maritime’s library of content encompasses nearly one thousand training programs, including scenarios ranging from a terrorist attack to a zombie apocalypse.

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