Long-Range Precision Fire Training

The mission of the Long Range Precision Fire Course is to train shooters to the highest standards of long-range precision marksmanship. The three-day program of instruction provides a fun and challenging curriculum for the beginner, intermediate and advanced riflemen/riflewomen of North Florida.

Designed and instructed by former U.S. Marine Corps Scout Snipers and Special Operations personnel, the intensive classroom and field curriculum covers the essentials of precision shooting, including ballisticsscope theoryoptic mounting and manipulationobservation skillswind calls and range estimationshooter-observer dialoguemoving targets; and multiple target engagement. Armed with the fundamentals of precision marksmanship, students will shoot known and unknown distance courses of fire and apply their skills to ranges up to 1,000 yards.

Six Tactical provides the most intensive and professional long-range marksmanship program of instruction in the Southeast. Whether you are a new shooter or a sport shooter looking to polish your precision fire tradecraft, our professionally trained and combat-tested Scout Snipers will provide the mentorship and instruction to get you on target! 

Long Range Precision Shooting Course



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