Why You Should Keep High Tactical Training Standards

Mar 31st 2020

Why You Should Keep High Tactical Training Standards

In the world of personal protection and security, high standards are key to ensuring adequate self-defense against potential active threats. For novice shooters, setting high expectations is fundamental to the learning process and it can help promote safe gun ownership and precise skill of weapon use. Even highly skilled shooters require persistent increases in standards in order to ensure refinement to current skills and mastery of more advanced techniques.

With tactical training courses from Six Maritime, shooters of all skill levels can learn how to continually set, strive for, and meet high standards in order to maximize personal safety, develop innovative techniques, perfect their skill sets, and increase their ability to think critically. Contact us today to find out more and to enroll in our tactical training courses.

Maximize Personal Safety

The most effective way to become an effective shooter while maximizing personal safety is through continued and consistent practice. For skilled shooters, setting new goals to top their personal best can be challenging. But, for new and skilled shooters alike, allowing training standards to slip may result in serious consequences that compromise the personal safety of shooters and those around them. To help gun enthusiasts keep their personal safety at its peak, we offer a wide range of training courses, so they can meet and surpass their highest goals. 

Develop New Techniques

During a tactical weapons course, shooters can keep training standards high by learning how to vary their technique as well as their weapon selection. Learning how to effectively and safely operate different types of weapons can serve to ensure shooters are skilled in all areas with a wide range of different firearms. Combining consistent practice with different drills, weapons, and techniques also serves to expand shooters’ skill sets, while providing the opportunity to set new goals and achieve higher training standards.

Optimize Your Skill Set

Varying your training scenarios can help you optimize your training skill set and encourage you to both set and meet new goals. Once shooters have mastered the technique of shooting at a target or repeating a singular drill, they should progress to different, more complex techniques. Both our active shooter training course and the firearm simulator course offer the benefit of weapon proficiency through varying drills and scenarios, so shooters can stay sharp and feel comfortable and confident in their movements and their abilities to make quick decisions.

Boost Critical Thinking

Certain types of firearms training courses can help keep weapons techniques sharp and promote the development of additional refinements and skills. Six Maritime offers a Six Vigilance course, which focuses on human behavior pattern recognition and the use of critical thinking to deescalate dangerous situations. This course is specifically recommended to gun enthusiasts seeking to find proactive solutions to high-stress scenarios as well as those seeking to continue increasing their training standards for the best-of-the-best technique.

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