Weapons Training Offers Skills You Can Use Everywhere

Sep 05th 2018

Weapons Training Offers Skills You Can Use Everywhere

Gun ownership is an awesome responsibility, and thus one you should earn. But owning and firing a gun are two different actions. If you plan to shoot in any capacity, whether for hunting or sport, you should first have tactical gun training. Designed to help make shooters effective in real-world situations, tactical training imparts weapons skills that apply everywhere. At Six Maritime, we provide tactical training to members of the public, law enforcement, and the armed forces. We recommend that shooters of all backgrounds take the following courses.

Tactical Weapons Training Classes

Most shooters attend firearms safety courses at some point — if you’re a hunter or handgun owner, the laws in your state probably require it. These safety courses play a necessary role in responsible gun ownership. But oftentimes, these courses fall short when it comes to making people effective shooters. To become a skilled shooter, you must undergo tactical training. Here are the courses offered at Six Maritime.

Critical Training Laboratory

Simulation technology allows people to train in advanced firearms skills without any risk of injury. Instead of live ammunition, participants fire laser shots at sensors in the critical training laboratory. The realistic weapons shooters wield allow them to develop the same techniques and muscle memory as they would in live-fire situations. Meanwhile, interactive videos that simulate actual scenarios provide tactical elements to this training.

Operational Skills

As participants move through the simulated environments in the laboratory, they practice operational responses to real-world situations. The available training modules span from active shooter mitigations to confrontations with criminals. There are also modules that teach when to use unarmed self-defense and when not to. Shooters improve their operational and tactical skills through repetition and real-time feedback by instructors. Ultimately, shooters leave the laboratory with improved aim and technique as well as the cognitive ability to assess threats and then implement tactical responses.

Tactical Pistol & Defensive Handgun

Many pistol shooters develop bad habits over the years by picking up poor tips from shooting ranges and hunting camps. But tactical gun training with Six Maritime corrects bad habits by teaching shooters to carry, draw, and fire their handguns correctly. Experienced shooters find tactical training eye-opening because they see improvements in their speed and accuracy. Novice shooters, meanwhile, avoid picking up bad habits as they learn the right forms and techniques early in their shooting careers.

Tactical Carbine

Any shooter who’s fired a military-style carbine, such as an AR-15, knows these rifles pack a serious punch. But all that power can make a carbine challenging to aim and even unwieldy in some people’s hands. That’s why shooters who want to experience the most benefits from their automatic weapons should undergo tactical carbine rifle training. These weapons are used in mobile combat operations around the world, but the act of firing a carbine while moving requires a degree of precision that only tactical training can provide to you. The courses also run in blocks, so you can become comfortable with all of the fundamentals before picking up more advanced shooting skills.

Long Range Precision Fire

Becoming a capable marksman with a long range precision weapon requires specialized training. Snipers do more than line up cross-hairs through a scope. They must account for distance, position, and conditions in addition to having complete knowledge of every component of the firearm. In long range precision gun training courses, shooters learn to fire at a range of up to 1,000 yards. To be accurate at that distance requires precise technique and knowledge of scope theory, range estimation, among other skills taught in tactical courses.

People can take introductory classes on gun safety just about anywhere. At Six Maritime, we provide tactical training in courses that turn participants into effective shooters for real-world scenarios. Contact us to learn more!

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