Voice Stress Analysis & Lie Detection

Voice Stress Analysis & Lie Detection by Six Maritime

Typically, any form of fraud detection in people can result in high costs or uncertainty. However, with increasing technology, security is able to be more effective. Voice Stress Analysis allows large populations of people to be questioned and examined in effective manners. It looks for particular characteristics that are typically associated with lying and deception. This advanced technology has a 98 percent accuracy rating and empowers those who are trained to make a conclusion within 10 minutes. This analysis is completed over the phone and can be accomplished in any language.

This state-of-the-art technology allows for more thorough and accurate assessments of deception in individuals and large groups. When there are too many interviewees, this service allows interviews to be conducted for all of them while providing assurance that evaluations will be done accurately without use of extensive labor costs.

Remote Risk Assessment (RRA)

Uncovering true intentions behind people’s actions can be difficult. Remote Risk Assessment helps by using voice-based threat detection technology to analyze voice patterns during questioning. Users enter their criteria and then supervise the examination. Then, this program uses automated interviews for each person, assesses potential threats, and reports results. It is now available for use anywhere in the world. RRA experts are available to fly to various locations and supervise the use of the technology.

Remote Credibility Assessment System (RCAS)

RCAS is video-based technology that assesses risk through the analysis of video surveillance. This program is able to covertly analyze various sized groups without being detected. While RCAS can be used to analyze groups for potential problems, it can also be utilized to evaluate uncertainty during one-on-one interviews.

Streaming Risk Assessment (SRA)

Streaming Risk Assessment analyzes continual customer communication in order to determine assess risks. It analyzes voices to detect danger. This service will be installed into already existing customer service in a covert way that is not obvious. When a threat is confirmed, data is collected and instantaneously sent to the user for further examination.

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