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Use Par 5 Drills At Any Shooter Level

Use Par 5 Drills At Any Shooter Level

Aug 25th 2020

Use Par 5 Drills At Any Shooter Level

When it comes to improving your skills during firearms training, using different drills can help shooters at any level. The Par 5 drill connects various aspects of shooting that can help gun owners of any rank — whether you’re a new gun owner or an experienced marksman — top their personal best and refine their techniques while handling their firearm. To boost your skills further, take one of our tactical training courses, designed to boost your critical-thinking skills and quick-time response.

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What Is A Par 5 Drill?

Gun training drills can help you improve and stay sharp as a shooter. While some drills are designed to be used at a specific skill level, others — such as Par 5 drills — can benefit shooters of all skill levels and experience. The Par 5 drill is designed to help shooters link their sight alignment with their trigger break at multiple varying tempos. This pistol and handgun-shooting drill comprises four strings of fire, each of which is shot at 25 yards — or less, depending on the skill level — with a 5-second time limit and while the shooter is in the ready position, aiming at the bullseye’s centermost ring. 

Shooters must fire one shot during the first string, two shots during the second string, three shots during the third string, and four shots during the fourth and final string — combined, the four strings require ten shots and 100 possible points. Late hits are recorded as misses. For shooters who are just becoming acquainted with this drill, we recommend starting by counting the number of hits in the target (ie, 6 of 10 hits).

Benefits Of Par 5 Drills

The Par 5 drill is not the easiest of exercises to perfect, but it’s a valuable drill for helping shooters refine their movements and overall technique during tactical training. With this drill, shooters can boost their accuracy, improve their aim, and accelerate their firing speeds. Contact us to learn more about the Par 5 drill and other recommended gun-shooting drills.

Boost Your Accuracy

Novice shooters might have difficulty hitting their targets 25 yards away, let alone put bullets in the center of the target. However, even if your skill levels aren’t high, you can still utilize this drill to boost your accuracy. Start at 20 feet from the target and shoot until you achieve a minimum score of 90. Once you hit 90, move farther away until you can shoot from 25 yards.

Improve Your Aim

This training drill helps shooters focus all their concentration, energy, and efforts on their accuracy, speed, and aim. Shooters can match their aim sight alignment with their trigger break, allowing them to understand what they need — in terms of stance, breathing, concentration, and technique — during each firing string to hit the target.

Accelerate Your Speed

Increasing the speed in which you shoot is best done once you’ve perfected your technique. The Par 5 drill requires individuals to aim and shoot their firearm in a consecutive count with different speed intervals. This can help shooters assess their strengths and weaknesses with regard to the timing and accuracy of their shots, helping them accelerate each shot over time.

When it comes to firearms training, practice makes perfect. Check out more of our at-home tactical training tips and contact us to learn how we can help you refine your shooting skills.

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