Training For Gunfight Preparation

May 23rd 2019

Training For Gunfight Preparation

Law enforcement officers and military members alike are trained for handling combat. Situational awareness, threat identification, and reduction and combat skills are ingrained into law enforcement officers through specialized training. Armed combat is an adrenaline-fueled event that vehemently demands skilled, offensive and defensive tactical training. The experts with Six Maritime understand that a combination of techniques incorporated into routine, repeated training courses is the ideal way to prepare for an exchange of gunfire.

Know Your Angles

Whether a combative situation appears in the blink of an eye or you’re responding to a call — understanding the target and relative angles can guide the situation. Tactical training in Gainesville incorporates the real world into training courses. Range practice isn’t enough — for real-life situations, 360-degree varied scenario training is vital. As the position of both you and the shooter(s) changes, so do the angles which dictate the point of aim, trajectory, and target. Understanding the most favorable angle and how to achieve it will allow you to alter your stance swiftly while remaining present.

Distinguish Threats

Predicting threats create the opportunity to act first and potentially mitigate a gunfight. The ability to recognize an individual’s movements or behavior as threatening allows you to tap into learned systemic reactions to handle the situation. Recognizing a threat before it reaches fruition can drastically change the outcome of a gunfight. This is why our training courses, such as Six Vigilance, incorporate techniques like situational awareness, human behavior pattern recognition, rapid decision-making, and predictive analysis.

Have A “When/Then” Mindset

Thinking in the spur of the moment to adapt your mindset as the combative situation evolves or devolves is another technique the team with Six Maritime practices. Extremely stressful scenarios can quickly overload your senses leaving you to rely on your active mindset. Time to think often isn’t present in a gunfight. Thinking on your feet is a literal need in an active shooter situation or gunfight — move until you near cover as you predict and prepare for upcoming moments. Being mindful of what you choose as cover, quickly finding something that can withstand bullet penetration and present the assailant with a more difficult shot is highlighted throughout training — as well as pinpointing future areas of cover. Additionally, maintain a mindset that enables you to tackle any roadblocks and recover quickly.

Retain Your Training

What is the purpose of tactical training if the skills you learn are not retained? Routine training where varying scenarios, leadership skills, defensive and offensive tactics skills are highlighted keep life-saving techniques in the forefront of your mind. Six Maritime upholds their dedication to the pursuit of safety by providing a range of courses, including tactical weapons training and tactical mindset. To sign up for tactical training, contact us.

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