How To Top Your Personal Best With Tactical Firearms Training

Mar 15th 2019

How To Top Your Personal Best With Tactical Firearms Training

How To Top Your Personal Best With Tactical Firearms Training

The most effective way to become an effective shooter is through repeated practice. But what comes next for gun enthusiasts of high  skill? If you plateau after reaching a personal best, consider breaking your record for precision and achieving a new personal best with these seven tips for tactical training from Six Maritime in Gainesville, FL. Through specialized gun training courses designed for a wide range of situations involving firearms, firearm operators of all levels of achievement can further refine their skill and top their personal best.

Keep A Training Log

Keep track of your personal best by making use of a training log. Write down the details of each training session — from the type of firearm that was used to the various levels of progress achieved regarding specific shooting skills. Using the training log as a point of reference can serve to help you identify which skills you have mastered and which areas of shooting require refinement. What’s more, a training log can also provide gun enthusiasts with insight into which styles of shooting and types of tactical training courses most benefit them.

Change Up Your Drills

Identical drills within tactical firearms training may serve to help firearm operators become proficient in a specific type of shooting drill, but incorporating new challenges of different intensity and difficulty may force shooters to break the routine and develop a new skill. For example, adding a near-middle-far drill forces a shooter to focus on the reticle of the sight rather than the target. It also increases accuracy by training the shooter to rapidly shift their vision to the front sight over time. Improving upon skills within one area may result in the overall improvement of a shooter’s technique, precision, and efficiency.

Visit A Dedicated Range

Visiting a dedicated range introduces new distractions to possibly thwart your personal best. But think of these distractions as mini skill tests. By learning to tune-out unfamiliar distractions, you’ll better focus on the various steps required to take an accurate shot. It also allows you the opportunity test and become familiar with using a variety of different firearms. This can help any shooter break out of a comfort zone and develop new skills that are applicable both to their firearm of choice and firearms which may be new to them.

Participate In Tactical Training Courses

The skills learned during gun training courses often overlap for use with different types of firearms. But shooters of all experience levels — from civilians with a conceal carry permit to law enforcement officers — can benefit from the information and skills taught within these courses, while learning the best practices for a variety of situations. Six Maritime provides courses taught by individuals within law enforcement, medical professionals, and military experts. Tactical courses blend classroom activities with hands-on learning for shooters who want to perform at the highest possible level. Contact us to register for tactical training courses.

Improve Your Strength

Your physical strength factors into how well you can hold an appropriate firing position before, during, and after firing a shot. Forearm and wrist strength support your ability to grip properly any firearm and determine your level of skill regarding controlling the firearm with kickback and recoil. Improving upon your core strength can help you achieve proper shooting posture. Strengthening the shoulders can help you maintaining precision during long training sessions.

Incorporate Dry Fire Exercises

Dry fire exercises are a great way to determine consistency and fluidity of your trigger-pull. Since trigger pull plays a large role in overall shooting accuracy — and by extension your personal bests — being able to make note of any required changes is the first step in surpassing an existing skill level. These exercises show the habits and physical reactions you may not know you've developed with live firings, such as subconscious flinching as the gun fires or failure to start and end a shot while maintaining proper shooting posture.

Stayed Focused

Mental attentiveness and physical focus are two key elements required to top your personal best. The focus doesn’t begin when you pick up the firearm nor does it end after pulling the trigger. Pay attention to the amount of time used to take a shot. Does it feel rushed at all? If so, slow down to speed up. Slowing down now and focusing on every part needed to take an accurate shot eventually comes together in a fluid, faster motion with repeated practice.

Enroll In Tactical Training Courses

Six Maritime offers a range of tactical training courses which focus on firearms training and threat mitigation, such as six vigilance, tactical pistol courses, and long-range precision fire.

Six Vigilance

Six vigilance focuses on human behavior pattern recognition and using critical thinking to de-escalate a situation. The information and skills within this training course are beneficial for anyone seeking to find proactive solutions for high-stress situations.

Tactical Pistol Course

Our tactical pistol course is great for handgun owners of all experience and skill level. The course focuses on building small arms proficiency through mastery of the basic building blocks behind handgun ownership and use.

Long-Range Precision Fire

Our long-range precision fire training takes place over a three-day course and it covers a wide range of topics related to rifle marksmanship, including observation skills, multiple target engagement, and scope theory.

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