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The Myth Of Feeling Safe With A Firearm

The Myth Of Feeling Safe With A Firearm

Oct 14th 2021

The Myth Of Feeling Safe With A Firearm

As the world becomes increasingly dangerous, people react differently, whether through fighting for legislation or purchasing a gun. But, just purchasing a gun isn’t enough to ensure your safety or the safety of your family. For that, you will need to be properly trained to use your weapon. Six Maritime has busted the myth of feeling safe with a firearm and how a lack of proper training may put you in more danger.

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Having A Gun Doesn't Mean You’re Ready

So you’ve purchased a firearm to protect you and your family, but having this tool doesn’t make you automatically able to stop bad things from happening to you or your family. Having a gun might make you feel ready to protect your home, but gun safety is a myth without proper training. Some people may take to extreme lengths, such as putting their gun in a closet, where it won’t be easily accessible in the event of a home invasion.

You Think You Are Prepared

Many people base their knowledge of guns on what they learn through TV shows and movies but watching someone shoot a gun on TV or movie and actually shooting a gun are two different beasts. You may be prepared for a home invasion or to prevent dangers to your family, but without significant training and practice, plus the right skills and mindset, you could be endangering the very thing you sought to protect.

How Firearms Training Can Help You Prepare

The key to feeling safe with a firearm is quality firearms training, where you can get the skills necessary to use the tool that will help prevent bad things from happening. Gun education doesn’t end with an introductory pistol course or a concealed carry permit. Safety, comfort, and proficiency are critical when handling a firearm. Every gun should be treated as if it can fire at any time, and you should never handle a gun carelessly.

Firearm Tactical Training

Owning a handgun is a great first step toward personal security and self-defense, so Six Maritime offers a tactical weapons course to provide beginners with the groundwork to help improve their firearm proficiency and help veteran shooters break bad habits. Our course begins with sound fundamentals and practices that provide a tactical advantage in real-world self-defense scenarios.

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