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4 Tips To Stay Vigilant During A Security Threat

4 Tips To Stay Vigilant During A Security Threat

Jul 17th 2020

4 Tips To Stay Vigilant During A Security Threat

During a security threat, there’s little room for errors. Any minor mistake can have costly consequences, so understanding how to approach a situation is crucial — no matter the circumstances. To ensure you’re always at your best during security threats, our team at Six Maritime has a few tips for staying alert while working security. To hone your skills further, contact us today to enroll in one of our tactical training courses.

Use All Security Systems Available

One of the first things any security personnel should do in the event of a security threat is to make use of any on-site security systems available. For example, you can investigate where the breach occurred or where the individuals who broke in are by checking surveillance cameras. You may also use the electronic lock system to secure any interior or exterior doors remotely, and limit any further unwanted entries onto the property. The more familiar you are with the systems, the better.

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Check All Entry Points

To clear and reduce all threats to on-site personnel and property, you must secure all entry points to the building. Doing so can help prevent criminal accomplices from entering or escaping the property. If possible, use a remote security system to lock down the premises from a safe distance. Then, check all entry points for signs of tampering, and secure each location both inside and outside as you continue to patrol the site.

Be Aware Of Blindspots

Clearing out a property during a security threat is a tense situation, especially if the on-site security systems are outdated or malfunctioning. When physically clearing out a property, personnel should work in pairs. Doing so reduces the likelihood of an intruder sneaking up on staff or hiding in a blind spot. When clearing corners, personnel should use the ‘slicing the pie’ method, which involves slowly taking small steps in a semi-circle starting from one end of the doorway and working your way to the other while being cautious and meticulous during each step. Some threats may require an accelerated approach, but you should always practice caution when clearing a property after a breach.

Ensure Your Training Is Up To Date

When it comes to an emergency, it’s best to be over-prepared and ready for any dangerous interactions. With plenty of at-home tactical training and on-site practice using cover, you’ll be better prepared to handle a security breach. Six Maritime specializes in several security services to best accommodate the type of protection your company needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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