Stay Sharp Off Duty With Active Shooter Courses

Feb 14th 2019

Stay Sharp Off Duty With Active Shooter Courses

Why Is It Important To Stay Sharp Off Duty?

The last thing anyone thinks of is a routine errand to the grocery store turning into a life-or-death situation. Sadly, active shooter situations have been on the rise since 2000, according to the FBI. Active shooter incidents are occurring in businesses, schools and universities, government and health care facilities, and public spaces. And although the clock may say you’re off-duty, the impact of these situations can be reduced through action. With continued, specialized gun training courses taught by the experts at Six Maritime, you can train for the unexpected.

Active Shooter Courses Keep Skills Refined

Six Maritime’s tactical training courses provide the perfect opportunity to maintain or sharpen your skills for an active shooter situation. While off duty, you can refine your skill set and even add new tactics to your repertoire. The skills you take away from a training course can prove necessary at any time and you’ll be reassured to know your skills are sharp.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is critical when there's an active shooter. It's a core component of any high-quality, tactical training and the backbone of decision making. Any situation can change in a split second, and understanding the variables behind the situational shift helps you gain the upper hand.

Accurately Predicting Next Actions

Accurately predicting the next actions of the shooter before they happen is key to mitigating injury and loss of life. The sooner the situation ends and is controlled, the sooner victims can receive appropriate medical attention.

Communicating With Responding Law Enforcement

Knowing how to properly communicate with responding law enforcement is important to keep yourself safe. Active shooter courses provide the opportunity to learn or refresh an appropriate communication strategy.

Active Shooter Mitigation By Six Maritime

The two active shooter courses taught by Six Maritime are led by a group of experts with years of real-world experience. Contact us today to register for our next tactical firearms training course.

Active Shooter Level I

The Active Shooter Level I course covers a range of information, including countermeasures to minimize loss of life, indications an attack is about to occur, and shooter motivations. The information is delivered during a three-day course by counterterrorism, human behavior, and law enforcement experts. All material taught is based on and developed from domestic and international case studies.

Active Shooter Level II

Active Shooter Level II is a one-day course utilizing practical application of the material taught in Level I to real-world situations. Through a variety of simulations, participants react, manage, and implement procedures and strategies for the circumstances. Level II also provides instruction for life-saving trauma care strategies and techniques beneficial during mass casualty events through tactical combat casualty care.

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