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Jul 22nd 2013


Another Step Towards Higher Security Without the Loss of Life

Duqm, Oman – The U.S. Maritime Security firm Six Maritime has finalized a strategic business alliance with Omani nationals to form the first-ever joint venture between U.S. and Omani nationals to own and operate a maritime security firm.

“This historic occasion did not come easily.” Stated Joseph Allen, CEO of Six Maritime. “This partnership is the outcome of many months of negotiations and, I have to admit, frustrations.”

Mr. Allen went on to explain that although everyone involved had a stellar track record of success and shining resumes with voluminous references, it took time to work through cultural barriers, and even time zone hurdles. “There were countless times I was on the phone at two o’clock in the morning wondering, ‘what am I doing?!’ “ Mr. Allen stated, “But it has all paid off, and I’m thankful for the process and for the learning curves we all went through.

”Six Maritime has big plans for its future in Oman. This coming week they are placing their first full-time employee in Oman and are gearing up for more to come. Six Maritime already has bids in to provide security for global firms looking to drill for oil off the coast of Oman; they are exploring other business avenues as well. “Besides the business partnership with the Omanis, we have been working hard with the Omani government to be licensed to bring our firearms and other equipment into Oman so that we can do our job here correctly.” Said Allen.

“It wasn’t a walk in the park, the license to bring in firearms took nearly five months to obtain. And getting the licenses from our own Department of State for our weapons and technology was another huge undertaking – but we did it.

”Six Maritime is not only protecting client’s assets with firearms, they are deploying state of the art unmanned aerial surveillance systems so advanced they are controlled by the U.S. government in order to prevent them from landing in the wrong hands. The systems they are using help provide early warning of threats to clients and security personnel so they are able to avoid threats whenever possible and prepare for them adequately, if avoiding them is not an option.“It was hard work, as I said,” continued Allen, “But we knew that brining this technology to the law-abiding market was the right thing to do. We are now able to help clients avoid problems and not engage with pirates or bad actors at all – nobody else can do that. We can saves lives and prevent injuries, even to the pirates.

”Six Maritime’s approach to security is novel and paying dividends. “I’ve been in literally thousands of business meetings that seemed to reach an impasse between parties, you always need something to break through it; if you don’t find that special something, the deal dies right there.” Began David Brixey, Six Maritime’s President and head of business development. “That is just one of the great things about Six Maritime’s advanced technology; it is that special something. When clients, or in this case future business partners, see our capabilities and what we are bringing to the table technology wise, they get excited and want to do business with us immediately. We simply have an edge that no other security firm in this domain has.”

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