Simulators Can Boost Weapon Proficiency

Jul 11th 2018

Simulators Can Boost Weapon Proficiency

Devoting significant time to gun training, such as target practice, is a sure way to become a better shooter. Simulators provide an ideal practice setting for many reasons, beginning with their flexibility. The scenarios and shooting environment can be adjusted according to your needs and skill level. Six Maritime provides five more reasons why gun owners of all skill levels should periodically practice with a simulator if they want to boost their weapon proficiency.

Safe Shooting Environment

New gun owners and shooters may experience pangs of anxiety when others are present at the range. A simulator provides them with a less intimidating environment where they can progressively build their comfort with a firearm. It also reinforces information, skills, and techniques taught in a gun safety course through instant feedback from the computer and instructor.

Classroom Information in Action

Another benefit of simulators is the ability to put the information learned in traditional weapons training courses into practical action. Shooters of all experience and skill levels have the chance to apply what they know — or think they know — into various real-life scenarios. Plus, the controlled environment provides instant feedback from both the simulator and instructor. This allows the shooter to begin correcting mistakes immediately, rather than during the next training session.

Cost-Effective Practice

The cost of ammunition is an obstacle for some people who want to improve their weapon proficiency. Because simulators use lasers instead of live rounds, shooters who use them are able to hone marksmanship skills without the extra cost of ammunition. Simulators are also a great way to try a new firearm without having to purchase it first.

More Effective Than Stationary Targets

After a certain amount of practice, even novice gun owners can hit stationary targets with high levels of accuracy. Moving targets are what truly tests their skills and gives them the chance to improve. Simulators offer the ability to add or remove any number of objects to a scenario, stationary or in motion. Providing a tactical training challenge for the shooter will most likely increase their skill level and weapon proficiency over time.

Create An Individual Plan

The resounding reason why simulators bolster the marksmanship of any gun owner is the instant feedback they provide. Whether you’re reviewing the situational information alone or with an instructor, the simulator is set up and calibrated to provide specific feedback and create an individual training plan that will help you hone your firearm skills.

Tactical Training in Gainesville, FL

Six Maritime in Gainesville, FL, provides training for law enforcement and military personnel using Laser Shot’s MMTS. This simulator helps personnel improve decision-making and weapon skills in a variety of real-life situations in a safe and controlled environment. The shooter and instructor receive immediate feedback about the shooter’s weapon fundamentals, such as grouping and zeroing. To learn more about our simulator or to book a training session, contact Six Maritime today.

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