Jul 28th 2017


Many people choose to own guns and keep them in their home; after all, it is an American right. However, having a firearm in a home might not be for everyone. Different circumstances dictate whether it is appropriate or possible for you to own a firearm. One thing is for certain though, guns are not toys and they carry the threat of serious injury and even death. If you choose to own a firearm, you have the responsibility of taking the necessary safety measures to exercise responsible gun ownership. At Six Maritime, we are strong believers in firearm safety and provide handgun courses in Gainesville, FL.

Gainesville Gun Safety

Many people have no immediate need for a gun in their home and prefer not to own one given their particular living circumstances. Because guns carry certain risks with them, sometimes it is better not to have one if it cannot be secured without the potential risk of an accidental shooting. On the other hand, for some people it is a wise choice to own a firearm and their individual circumstances allow them to with minimal risk. The following are questions that could help you decide whether it’s a good idea or not for you to keep a gun in your home.

How to Decide if You Should Own a Firearm

  • Is there a high crime rate where you live? If you live in an area with a relatively high crime rate, it may be a good idea to own a firearm as it will provide you with protection if you are ever in danger and will offer you peace of mind when you are not.
  • Is there drug/alcohol abuse or mental illness present in your home? If you or someone in your home lives with any of the above conditions, it might not be a safe environment to own a firearm for the protection of that/those individuals and those around them.
  • Do other adults residing in the house support keeping a firearm in the home? Not everyone supports the use of firearms and if your significant other, or another adult in the home, is against them, you may want to consider whether it is worth the disagreement.
  • Can you and will you implement the appropriate safety measures when owning a firearm for the security of those around you, especially children? Owning a firearm comes with a great deal of responsibility and if you are unsure if you will always exercise the appropriate safety measures, it might not be the best idea to keep one in your home. This is especially important if children are present in the home. If a firearm is not stored properly, it could lead to an avoidable tragedy.
  • Will the other adults who reside in the home and have access to the firearm attend a gun safety course with you? When owning a firearm, it is as much of your responsibility to practice safe ownership as it is to ensure that the other people who have access to your gun practice it as well. The best way to make sure that everyone knows how to properly handle a gun is to attend a gun training course.

Safety Considerations of Owning a Firearm

It is important to always take the necessary steps with your firearm to avoid an accidental shooting in your home, especially if children are present.

  • Firearms should always be unloaded when not in use.
  • Always store your firearm in a locked cabinet, gun vault, safe or storage case that is inaccessible to children. Store ammunition in a separate, locked location.
  • Always unload, clean and securely store any firearms immediately after use.
  • Use a gun locking device to render your firearm inoperable when not in use.
  • Attend a gun training course to fully understand how your firearm works and talk to your children and everyone in the home about the dangers of firearms and their proper use.

Gun Training Courses in Gainesville, FL

Different lifestyles and living circumstances play a big role in determining whether one should keep a firearm in their home or not. If you choose to own a firearm, practice safe gun ownership by contacting Six Maritime today for a gun safety course.

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