3 Tactical Shooting Drills To Improve Your Accuracy

Oct 08th 2018

3 Tactical Shooting Drills To Improve Your Accuracy

When it comes to firearms, the maxim “practice makes perfect” is only the first half of the story. The second half is technique. After all, you could spend all day target shooting at the range, but if you lack technique, many of your targets’ bullseyes will remain untouched. But don’t feel frustrated or blame the equipment when this happens. Instead, practice a few drills that teach you the fundamentals of shooting. Here are three tactical gun training drills from Six Maritime to help you improve — and stay sharp — as a shooter.

Cartridge On The Sight

It’s hard to take an accurate shot without proper technique. And it’s hard to have proper technique without smooth trigger pressure. The sights may be lined up perfect for a center hit, but if you pull the trigger with too much speed or force, your body will jerk and your aim will shift. The movement itself is very slight, but it’s enough to push the bullet off the mark.

The “cartridge on the sight” drill teaches you to use a smooth trigger pull. This drill applies to first-time firearm owners in gun training courses up to expert sharpshooters. And to practice this skill, all you need is an empty cartridge casing.

  • First, confirm the gun isn’t loaded.
  • Second, assume the shooting stance and take level aim at a target.
  • Third, place an empty cartridge on top of the front sight.
  • Fourth, pull the trigger. If the cartridge stays on, your pull is smooth.  
  • Fifth, repeat the drill from time-to-time for muscle memory.

Single Hole

When teaching people how to respond to critical self-defense situations, tactical training courses use repetition. Participants reenact scenarios multiple times until their intended reactions become second nature. This approach works for shooting drills, as well.

Whether at the range or the critical training laboratory offered by Six Maritime, many shooters are tempted to fire an array of different shots at various lengths. But the “single-hole” drill shows how shooting repetitively from the same distance can do wonders for improving your fundamental shooting skills. For materials, you’ll need a paper target and a tape measure.

  • First, put up a paper target marked with 1-inch to 2-inch black dots.
  • Second, measure your shooting zone 5 yards from the target.
  • Third, aim at a particular dot and fire five identical shots.
  • Fourth, inspect the target. If your bullets created one hole, your fundamentals are sound.
  • Fifth, with each successful attempt, move back 2 yards from the target to increase your shooting distance.

One Shot

At Six Maritime, our focus is on tactical training for self-defense and real-life scenarios. We see a similar emphasis on tactical training in the “one-shot” drill. In this drill, you can develop physical and mental awareness for a self-defense scenario by taking individual shots at targets. The exercise also improves your fundamental skills, resulting in more consistent, higher-quality shots. Required materials for the one-shot drill include a side holster and a target.

  • First, stand relaxed while facing a target with your firearm holstered.
  • Second, quickly assume a shooting stance.
  • Third, unholster the pistol and aim at the target.
  • Fourth, fire one round.
  • Fifth, holster the firearm.
  • Sixth, repeat the drill until the prior steps become one fluid motion.

Tactical Training Courses

Basic drills are an effective way to build elementary aptitude as a shooter. But when you want to push your firearm skills to new limits, enroll in one of Six Maritime’s tactical training courses. Our instructors are former members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces who designed fun yet challenging courses suitable for training civilians, law enforcement, and military members. We also offer innovative training methods. Our simulator lab uses video and non-live munitions to teach tactical skills for real-world self-defense and active shooter mitigation scenarios. Six Maritime even offers a course on how shooters can adopt a tactical mindset for dealing with confrontation. To learn more about our range of training courses, please contact us.

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