Aug 04th 2017


Today, about 1 in every 3 homes with children has a firearm. A RAND-UCLA study indicated that represents about 11 million homes with children eighteen or younger. In addition to that astounding number, only 39 percent of the people in the study stated that they kept their firearm locked up somewhere in the home. This small number of people follow the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics that firearms be stored separately from ammunition. Forty-three percent said they leave their firearm out, most without a trigger lock, and 9 percent reported not only keeping their guns unlocked, but also loaded. There are opportunities for education and firearms training that should be considered if you plan to keep firearms in a home with children. With proper training, accidental deaths due to firearms can decrease significantly.

Who Is At the Highest Risk if You Keep Firearms in Your Home?

Teenagers are one of the most vulnerable groups in regards to firearms kept in the home. Most accidents involving firearms also involve teens. In fact, nearly 86 percent of firearm related deaths in children involved teenagers. Teenagers are also at higher risk for suicide attempts with a firearm — another very important reason to keep firearms locked away and empty of ammunition. It is especially important for parents of teens to participate in a gun safety course and to talk to their children about the dangers of guns.

Accidental Deaths Involving a Firearm

From January to April in 2017, 197 kids aged 11 or younger were killed or injured by a firearm. It's not only important to educate your kids about the importance of gun safety and precautions in your home, it's imperative to spread that education to include when they visit someone else's house. Other parents may not have the same rules regarding the storing of their firearms. Be sure to talk to your children thoroughly to avoid dangers should a situation arise. They should know exactly what to do if they see an unattended firearm. A split second is all it takes to change the course of a life forever.

Firearms Safety Courses & Training

At Six Maritime, tactical training is offered for various needs including gun safety and education for children. Owning a firearm is a big responsibility, and that responsibility becomes even greater when children are involved. Be sure to get the proper education. It could save lives!

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