Jay Brixey

Jay Brixey

Mr. Brixey had over twenty-seven years experience as a Special Agent with the FBI. He was a member of the FBI’s Senior Executive Service, and when he retired, was serving as an Assistant Director, one of the highest executive positions within the FBI. Mr. Brixey investigated fraud, embezzlement and corruption matters; helped establish the FBI’s policies and procedures for its operational audit and compliance programs; served as Chairman of its Contract Review Board; and was a member of its Senior Career Board.

Mr. Brixey was the primary financial advisor to three FBI Directors and was responsible for all aspects of the FBI’s budget formulation and presentations to Congress, fund control and financial reporting, payroll, procurement and contracting.

Mr. Brixey has advised Attorneys General of the United States and has testified before Congress and in Federal Court. In 1996 Jay was selected to receive the Presidential Rank of Meritorious Executive Award. Jay retired from the FBI in January 1997 and immediately joined Deloitte. After 9/11/2001, Mr. Brixey served as Deloitte’s first Director of Security. In this position, he was responsible for disaster recovery / business continuity plans; physical security of office space; internal investigations; travel security; and liaison with federal and other law enforcement. Jay retired from Deloitte in March 2007.

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