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Jul 17th 2017


Most people who purchase a firearm go to the shooting range to train. Some people might go once a month, while others may make it a weekly ritual. However, even if you’re training weekly at the gun range, you are missing out on real professional gun training. A professional gun training class is able to place you in a different shooting environment than you’re used to and truly provide you with the necessary skills to improve your ability to protect yourself and your family with your firearm. Professional training also covers firearm safety to ensure that your gun is always handled, cleaned and stored properly to prevent any accidents. At Six Maritime, we provide tactical training courses in Gainesville, FL.

Advantages of Professional Training In Gainesville, FL

Prepare for Concealed Carry

Many Americans have concealed-carry permits, and to obtain them, they must have completed some form of firearms training. Unfortunately, most concealed-carry-permit training courses rarely prepare you to actually use your weapon. Instead, they tend to focus on legal issues and carry regulations. A real firearms training course can actually prepare you to carry a gun for self and home defense by teaching you how to properly use it in multiple situations.

Less Than Ideal Conditions

If a time ever comes when you need to use your firearm for self-defense, it likely will not occur under the same comfortable conditions that you have at the gun range. Rain, cold, tiredness, nerves and a lot more can severely affect the way you perform with your firearm. If you’ve only practiced in ideal conditions, you may find yourself in serious danger. Real firearms training courses are great because they place you out in the open, even if the conditions outdoors are less than ideal, which will help better prepare you for any situation you encounter.

Get Used to Pressure

If your life or safety is under attack and you have no choice but to use your firearm, you will likely be under an immense amount of stress. Stress can greatly impact how you think, react and use your firearm. While real training won’t recreate the same amount of stress, the pressure under which you are placed will certainly create a little bit of stress, which can help you know how you react and help you to better control things.

Work on Your Timing

At the gun range, you likely have a target set a couple of yards away and all the time in the world to prepare before shooting it. In the real world, it will never be that way. If your safety is threatened, you will be forced to draw and shoot much faster than you have trained for. Being unprepared could cost you your life, but at a real training course, you will be given limited time to react and work on your timing to better prepare.

Learn to Shoot Moving Targets

Targets at gun ranges, though helpful, can build false confidence. Even if you’ve mastered shooting the same area in a target consecutively, you probably haven’t done it while either you or it is moving. Shooting a moving target is actually very difficult and even more so to shoot it in a designated area. Real training will have you shooting moving targets or have you move in various directions while shooting to truly improve your marksmanship.

Understand What Using a Firearm for Self-Defense Is Like

Using a firearm for self-defense is a completely different feeling than when training at a range. Shooting at a range can become fun and more of a game than actual training for a threatening situation. Real professional firearms training will make you aware of how intimidating a life-threatening situation can be and how much you want to avoid using your gun. It will also help you understand how much you don’t know and how much practice you still need.

Tactical Firearms Training in Gainesville, FL

If you own a firearm or are thinking about purchasing one, it is very important that you take professional training for proper use and safety to ensure that you know how to best handle your weapon. Contact Six Maritime today for tactical training in Gainesville, FL.

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