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6 Ways To Safely Store A Firearm At Home

6 Ways To Safely Store A Firearm At Home

Apr 15th 2022

6 Ways To Safely Store A Firearm At Home

Properly storing your firearms is an essential part of responsible gun ownership, but with so many options on the market, how do you decide what's right for your needs? To help, Six Maritime has put together a list of some of the popular gun storage options!

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Always Keep The Safety On

No matter how or where you store firearms, the safety should always be engaged. Even if you live alone and don't have to worry about someone accidentally firing the gun, the safety acts as an extra layer of protection.

Gun Box

A gun box is a highly durable option for storing a single handgun. This box can withstand a drop from more than 15 feet and can even be run over by a truck without damage. High-technology options include biometric readers or radio-frequency identification locks so only the person with the provided ring, label, or wristband can open the box. Additionally, motion sensors, alarms, and GPS-enabled tracking are available as extra safety precautions if someone tries to get into the safe or steals the safe.

Gun Vault

Providing an extra bit of room and just as many bells and whistles, a gun vault can be a practical and safe place to store a handgun along with other valuables such as jewelry, cash, and passports. Some additional features available include various mounting options, sizes, fingerprint scanners, and a "no-eyes" keypad, which make it easier to open the case in the dark during a home intrusion.

Gun Safes

If you have an extensive collection, safes may provide the solution for maximum storage, with certain sizes storing up to 51 guns. Safes can feature heavy-duty locks resistant against pry attacks, and you should look for ones that have met the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories, which is an independent product safety certification organization. Additionally, a minimum of 2.5mm of steel will help ensure your collection stays protected.

Gun Cabinets

Lighter than gun safes and providing more options in terms of display, a gun cabinet is a popular choice for people who have collections they want to display. However, gun cabinets offer the least protection. While they have locks, they are not as heavy-duty as other options and can easily be carried away or broken into. However, if you're handy and can make a custom solution to hide away a gun cabinet, it can be an excellent option, especially if there are no children in the home.

Vault Room

If your collection borders on museum-quantity levels, you may want to consider transforming an entire room into a safe room with a vault door. This additional space allows for a more open and attractive display area for all of your guns and any other personal possessions you decide to place inside. You can opt for vault doors that appear to be what they are or ones that blend in and look just like any other door in your home.

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