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Apr 25th 2017


Tips for New Gainesville Gun Owners

If you are a new gun owner or an inexperienced shooter, you will want to make sure that you learn gun safety from a reliable source. A simple mistake can quickly become deadly, so it is always better to be safe than sorry. When you get a firearm, a tactical training course will teach you how to handle a gun without endangering those around you. Six Maritime has a range of classes for every level of experience so you can set a solid foundation you can build off of in the future.

Firing Your Firearm

It is important that you first learn the rules of firearm safety from a Gainesville gun safety course. Make sure that you handle your gun as if it is always loaded, never point it at something you don’t want to shoot, keep your finger away from the trigger until it is time to shoot, and always be confident about your target and its surroundings. As a beginner, make sure you are gripping your gun with both hands and placing your dominant hand higher on the gun for more leverage. Then you will want to plant your feet shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent and your arms extended. You must figure out which of your eyes is dominant and it may not be correlated to side of your body that is dominant. Once you do, keep this eye open while you are aiming your gun. When you are ready to fire, exhale and carefully press down instead of pulling the trigger.

Purchasing Your First Handgun

As someone who is new to guns and is just gaining knowledge about how to use firearms in your weapons training courses, it can seem intimidating to buy a gun. First, you will want to determine what your goal is. Are you purchasing a gun because you want to defend your home, have fun at a gun range, carry a concealed weapon or learn how to shoot from a distance? While a gun used to defend your home is typically larger, guns that are carried with you are smaller. You will also want to shoot several guns before you make any decisions in order to get a feel for the power of the recoil and what size is comfortable for you to hold. Whatever you choose, it is important to not become too attached. After use, you may decide that you made the wrong decision if it is uncomfortable to shoot or adequately meet your needs. If this is the case, it’s okay to sell it and purchase a better replacement.

Storing Your Gun

There are a variety of safe ways to store your gun for when you aren’t at the firearms training center. The right storage option for you will be dependent on your preferences and goals. Trigger locks are the simplest and most affordable method. They effectively prevent anyone other than the owner from operating the gun, but it offers no protection against theft. Gun cases can be made of anything from cloth to a hard case and are both affordable and portable. Perhaps the most secure storage option is a gun safe. Gun safes protect the finish of your guns and are bolted to a concrete slab in order to protect it from theft, fires and natural disasters. Before you store it, make sure that it is not loaded and the ammunition is kept in a separate place.

Firearm Maintenance

Guns can gradually become damaged due to dirt, carbon, humidity and mud. To extend the life of your weapon and ensure that it fires smoothly, regularly clean it after you use it during your gun training courses in Gainesville, FL, and once a month when you have not. Begin by unloading the gun, including the extra round and disassemble it. Then check your gun for signs of rust, debris, carbon and burrs. Use a cloth to remove rust and dirt, and lubricate any areas that metal parts meet. Once this is finished, you can reassemble your gun and store it safely again.

Firearm Training in Gainesville, FL

It can take years to be considered a proficient shooter and even the most skilled gun owners have areas they can grow in. That is where gun training programs are beneficial. If you find yourself asking where you can find gun training classes near me, choose Six Maritime. Our world-class instructors provide all of your trainees with the skills they need to improve their ability while remaining safe. Contact Six Maritime today if you have any more questions about gun training courses or how to care for your firearm.

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