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May 09th 2017


Common Targets for Shooters in Gainesville, FL

Every shooter has their own prefered targets that reflect their shooting interests, type of firearm they use, and what they hope to accomplish from it. Someone with a long range rifle will probably not be using the same targets as someone with a pistol nor will they be training in the same way. One of the best things shooters can do to maximise their target training is creating a rich environment with various kinds of targets at different distances. This will help them better hone their skills. When target training, it is always important to keep in mind that targets should be used and installed the way they are designed to be used to avoid injury and damage to the target. Proper firearm safety precautions should also always be taken. Target practice can be fun, but it should not be treated as a game; afterall, firearm use requires a level of responsibility. At Six Maritime, we provide gun training in Gainesville, FL.


The Bullseye target is the oldest and most classic target that exists. The bullseye target consists of several rings leading towards the center of the target and it is one of the easiest ways to test your shooting skills at any distance. Bullseye targets come in many sizes and materials to fit all forms of shooting disciplines and distances. Best of all, they are cheap and can be found at nearly every gun store. Bullseye targets are also a great way to maintain consistency for an even playing field when practicing against friends.


The silhouette target is the target most often portrayed in films, television and other media often seen being shot at by James Bond in the MI6. It is one of the most recognizable targets, outlining the upper half of a human body with scoring rings in the center, and is used for law enforcement qualifications and concealed carry training. Silhouette targets are best for serious handgun shooters but just like with bullseye targets, they can be used for many shooting purposes and disciplines.

Clay Targets

Clay targets are a very popular choice for their inexpensiveness and easy accessibility. Clay targets are most often associated with shotguns, as they are excellent aerial targets often shot at with shotguns, but they can also be used for rifles and handguns. Clay targets are highly visible and can be placed on a berm for long distance shooting. One of their best attributes is that they provide instant visual feedback when hit.

Metal Spinner

Metal spinners are great targets for pistol use and provide instant visual and audio feedback when struck. Metal spinners are also a good way to improve accuracy skills and can be enough to keep a shooter improving for long periods of time, making them an ideal choice for beginners. Apart from their usability, metal spinners are just plain fun to watch every time you hit the bullseye.

Animal Targets

Animal targets are the best choice for hunters trying to hone their skills. However, these targets also provide good practice to any shooter and are a good way to mix things up. Animal targets are ideal for hunters to get used to the sight of an animal and learn where to shoot prior to venturing into the field. Most animal targets feature the vital organs so shooters can practice specifically where to aim and learn what their best range is. These type of targets are usually best for longer ranged firearms such as rifles.

Bowling Pin Targets

Bowling pin targets are some of the most versatile in the market, able to take anything from pistol rounds to heavier rifle rounds. They can be set up practically anywhere and always return to their position and shape immediately after being shot. Bowling pin targets also come in a variety of sizes for all kinds of shooting.

Gainesville Gun Training Classes

As you evolve as a shooter and improve your skills, you will find yourself trying out new targets and in different combinations to keep up with your needs. Continuous training is an important part of every firearms owner so that you can feel comfortable having complete control over your firearm. If you are in need of a gun training course in Gainesville, FL, contact Six Maritime today.

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