Active Shooter Courses Available

Jun 15th 2018

Active Shooter Courses Available

Even if you’ve received extensive firearms training, an active shooter situation is often far more complex than what was taught. The two active shooter courses taught by Six Maritime include situational awareness techniques that can help reduce the threat of an active shooter. Whether you’re a student, school administrator, or everyday gun owner, knowing how to recognize and mitigate human behaviors before a crisis develops sometimes is your best defense. You may never need to use active shooter training, and we at Six Maritime hope that’s the case, but knowing how to lessen the threat of an active shooter is the best defense.

Active Shooter Level I

The idea of an active shooter situation is terrifying to the vast majority of people. Unfortunately, these situations can happen anywhere and at any time. Most situations involving an active shooter are over in less than 10 minutes, many times before law enforcement arrives on the scene. At Six Maritime, we believe in the same approach as the Boy Scouts — be prepared.

Six Maritime’s Active Shooter Level I course spans three days and focuses on a number of conditions that factor into an active shooter situation, such as:

  • Shooter motivations;
  • Signs an attack may take place;
  • Common tactics used by a shooter;
  • Physiological responses; and
  • Practical countermeasures to lessen the loss of life.

Domestic and international case studies are the basis for this course information. The Level I course is taught by Six Maritime’s counterterrorism, human behavior, and law enforcement experts.

Active Shooter Level II

The Active Shooter Level II course takes the information presented in the Level I course and puts it into one day of exercises covering everyday situations and scenarios. The hands-on approach allows participants to react and make decisions, including using conflicting or unknown information about the situation.

The Level II course also adds training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Taught by experienced medical and military professionals, participants learn life-saving strategies and techniques applicable to active shooter situations.

How Active Shooter Training Helps Save Lives

At Six Maritime, our team are experts in several areas, including military, medical, and law enforcement. Our years of experience and training have reinforced to us that situational awareness and detailed preparation are the best defenses before and during an active shooter situation. While some people lament not enough is being done to stop these tragic events and others say there’s nothing that can be done, we disagree. Active shooter training not only helps prevent an incident from occurring but can allow people caught in the situation to regain control and save lives.

Firearms Training In Gainesville, FL

Six Maritime offers several firearms training courses throughout the year to gun owners and enthusiasts of all skill level. We advocate regularly taking any training course to refresh and sharpen your skills while always emphasizing gun safety. Along with firearms courses, Six Maritime offers a course in unarmed self-defense that teaches life-saving skills suitable for many situations, including active shooter. For more information on the courses offered by Six Maritime or to register, contact us today.

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