6 Gifts For Your Firearm Enthusiast

Dec 09th 2019

6 Gifts For Your Firearm Enthusiast

When it comes to getting the firearm lover in your life a special gift, the number of options available can feel a bit overwhelming. Most individuals looking to shop for a firearm lover would go with the obvious: a new firearm. But with a myriad of firearms available on the market, choosing one that fits both your budget and the preferences of the shooter can be a challenge. Instead of trying to add another weapon to your firearm enthusiast’s arsenal, consider these six gift ideas from Six Maritime that will impress without breaking the bank.

Safety Equipment

If there is one thing that every gun owner takes away from a firearms training course, it’s that there is no such thing as being too safe when it comes to firearms. While weapon safety is often ingrained from day one, protecting the ears and eyes is commonly overlooked, resulting in lasting damages that can be detrimental to daily function. To keep your gun enthusiast shooting for years to come, consider safety equipment such as electronic ear muffs, which can reduce the noise of damaging sounds, such as gunshots, while still allowing for normal conversations to be heard, or specialized eyeglasses to help improve visibility and protect the wearer’s eye from any shrapnel or other debris.

Gun Storage

Having a secure place to store firearms is important for several reasons: it keeps them safely stored away in the event of a robbery, protects them from damages from dangerous events such as fires, and keeps them out of the hands of any children who may be present in the home. There is a wide variety of gun storage units available on the market, ranging from safes meant for multiple large firearms to small storage units which are designed for just one handgun. If a full-blown safe is well past your budget, portable storage cases offer an affordable alternative for your gun enthusiast on the go.

Tactical Flashlights

Gun training doesn’t stop once the sun goes down — rather than leaving your firearm enthusiast in the dark, a tactical flashlight can provide that extra advantage they’re after. Whether out on the range on a late night or trying to navigate the home in event of a power outage, a tactical flashlight is a versatile tool that any gun enthusiast will be happy to have in their kit. Certain kinds can even be attached straight to a firearm, making them perfect for low-visibility areas where your enthusiast would prefer to have two hands on their firearm.

Gun Accessories

Purchasing and using a new firearm is an exhilarating experience. But once that firearm goes from new to just another one in the rotation, it can lose some of its appeal. Firearm accessories can help reinvigorate an owner’s love for an older firearm and can scratch that itch for a new shooting experience without buying a new gun. From LED scopes to speed loaders, new grips to specialized stocks, the possibilities are endless and each new attachment can change the way a firearm is handled. Make sure you know the make and model of the firearm before purchasing any attachments, as some may only work for specific firearms.

Cleaning Kits

After a long day of shooting at the range, most firearm owners like to take the extra time to clean their gun to ensure everything stays working smoothly and any residue is cleaned out. While most firearms really only need to be cleaned every few months, dust, dirt, water, or corrosive ammo can require cleaning to occur a bit more frequently. A portable cleaning kit can make the cleaning experience even easier, as rather than having to pack away the firearm and unpack it again back at home to clean it, it can instead be cleaned out right after the shooting session has concluded.

Tactical Training Courses

If your firearm enthusiast has been looking to become more proficient with their firearm, tactical training courses make the perfect gift. With courses offered for a range of skills and firearms, including tactical pistol courses and unarmed defense courses, the gun enthusiast in your life can have a gift that will teach them life long skills. To learn more about our courses or to sign up for a tactical training course, contact Six Maritime today!

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