4 Tips For First-Time Gun Owners

Aug 14th 2018

4 Tips For First-Time Gun Owners

For first-time gun owners, the decision to own a firearm comes with both the opportunity to join other gun enthusiasts in a new hobby and immense responsibility. Six Maritime offers these four tips any first-time gun owner in Gainesville should know.

1. Know the Law

As a gun owner, it’s your responsibility to know the laws governing gun ownership in your local area. This includes making sure the firearm was purchased legally and any required licenses are obtained. A hunter education and gun safety course is required for anyone born on or after June 1, 1975, seeking a hunting permit in the state of Florida.

2. Learn About Your Firearm

Taking the time to learn about your specific firearm includes understanding how to properly maintain it and having thorough knowledge about how the gun works, fires, and handles. Proper maintenance of any gun is important for firearm longevity and safe operation. A great way to learn about your firearm is to take a gun training course. The course provides you hands-on experience using your new gun in a controlled and safe environment.

3. Take A Training Class

Six Maritime offers several weapons training courses that first-time gun owners can benefit from. Our Tactical Pistol 1 and 2 courses focus on building basic concepts, information, and skills for each gun owner. Once you’ve successfully completed Tactical Pistol 1 and 2, you’ve met the firearm competency requirement to apply for a Florida concealed carry permit. Periodically going through training classes, even after you’re beyond the stage of a new gun owner, is helpful in keeping your mindset and skills sharp as a gun owner.  

4. Safeguard Your Home

Every responsible gun owner, even a first-time owner, will have a designated and secure place in the home to store the gun and ammunition and ensure proper gun safety is met. The type of security that works for your home may be different than another’s home, even if you’re both first-time gun owners. Gun cabinets, gun safes, and heavy-duty lock boxes are three common types of secure gun storage options found in homes. Also, be sure to always keep ammunition stored separately from firearms.

Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets offer the ability to view your firearms while keeping them safely stored when not in use. Many feature locking doors and drawers for storing firearm accessories as well.

Gun Safe

Gun safes are generally large enough to store handguns and larger firearms, such as rifles, at the same time. Most gun safes are secured with a combination lock that may be digital or mechanical.

Heavy-Duty Lock Box

A heavy-duty lock box is compact and fire-resistant, allowing many first-time gun owners to keep it in many different locations in the home.

Takeaways For Gun Owners

The decision to become a gun owner comes with a lot of responsibility — a responsibility that doesn't end after a training course or receiving a concealed carry permit. Taking time to visit a gun range for target practice will increase your familiarity with using the gun and your knowledge about the gun itself. As your comfort and familiarity grow, contact Six Maritime about our tactical training courses. These courses blend classroom and hands-on training that delve into specific self-defense situations.

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